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BIAC profiles for building recipes in Brewfather and Beersmith

brewfather Designing your own award-winning recipes used to be quite difficult and involved a deep understanding of brewing process and ingredients. Fortunately, the heavy lifting can been done for us by a program such as Brewfather or Beersmith or several others. These programs enables a brewer to merely select a style of beer, and then fill in a recipe (a basic understanding of malt, hops and yeast is helpful) to meet recommended parameters. 

While both programs get the job done, we Brewfather to be a little more powerful, thorough, and easy to use. One feature that we really like is that it automatically calculates water salt/mineral additions for a given style based on the water profile you enter. While good beer can be brewed without too much water chemistry, brewing great beer requires modifying your water for a given style. 

While you probably will develop a preference for one or the other, either program will help you (in combination with your BREWHA complete brewing system!) make stellar beer, nearly effortlessly.

To help the program know what equipment you are working with, BREWHA equipment profiles have been submitted to Beersmith and Brewfather. Profiles can be added in the desktop version or Beersmith app by selecting 'View' and 'Add-ons' in the lower toolbar. Then click 'Add' and select the BREWHA profiles, and click 'Install Add-on' and the profiles will be added to the program.) In Brewfather, when creating a recipe, just select your size of BREWHA fermenter from the list provided.

We have included what we think are average profiles in the files above. Some minor tweaking may be necessary to get either program to work best for your specific needs. For example, if your grain comes from the fridge (or freezer), adjust the setting for temperature of the grain. And if you are making a small batch (or a big beer) you might change the water:grist ratios (Brewfather will normally make adjustments for you automatically). These programs have online help and FAQ sections so see their respective websites for guidance (they are the experts on their programs!).

For Brewfather, our profiles are already integrated.

For Beersmith here are the equipment and mash profiles for use with the BREWHA BIAC.

Download BREWHA BIAC equipment profiles here
Download BREWHA BIAC mash profiles here
Download BREWHA BIAC delicious beer recipes here

To import these into the Beersmith program follow these steps:

  1. Download the above file to your desktop
  2. In Beersmith, select 'File' then 'Open File' and select the profile you downloaded to your desktop
  3. A new screen will open showing the profiles
  4. Select the profiles and copy them
  5. Open the 'My Recipes' folder of Beersmith and select the Profiles section (often found in the menu column on the left side of the screen). Select Mash or Equipment Profile folder and the available profiles will be listed.
  6. While the profile is selected, paste the downloaded/copied file into the correct profile list.


  • ps. due to increased vessel options, as of Summer 2017 the 22L/5.8L gal ‘Mash Tun Addition’ is for the ‘Large’ (90L/24gal) BIAC. The addition for the new ‘Medium’ size (60L/16gal) BIAC is 13L/3.5gal.

    BREWHA Equipment Co
  • David, the ‘Mash Tun Addition’ for the Medium is 22L/5.8gal. This should be the default setting for the Medium if you download and install the profiles listed above.

    BREWHA Equipment Co
  • Found it in Beersmith 2.3 using the ‘Mash Tun Addition’ in the equipment profile. What should this be set to for a Medium BIAC?

    David Brandyberry
  • You mention above that Beersmith was targeting around August 2016 to fix the deadspace calculation. Was that released? and if so, do we need updated profiles for BIAC to take advantage?

    Thank you!

    David Brandyberry

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