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Premium 100% Stainless Immersion Electric Water Heater Element 208V/9500W

Premium 100% Stainless Immersion Electric Water Heater Element 208V/9500W

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A BREWHA exclusive! The quickest, easiest, quietest, and cleanest way to heat water.

Our premium, all stainless steel, low watt density, water-heating element assemblies from BREWHA are safer, easier to assemble, and better designed than ever before. The heating rods are made with Incoloy 800 stainless steel which has the highest anti-corrosion properties and resistance to acidic environments (like beer) and are offset so they center on the bushing/plug for easier install. The heater elements come with a ceramic head (most competitors are made of plastic) which is impervious to heat and the connector is embedded in the ceramic (most competitors have the connector secured only by the weld to the heating rod), ensuring longevity as it eliminates strain on the rod weld when connecting the wires. The cords are highest quality 600V SOOW and the connectors from a high quality leading brand.

1500W/120V heaters come with a fixed 6' cord (no extension) and a NEMA 5-15 plug (standard North American wall receptacle). The 2000W/4500W/5500W Complete Element Assemblies come with an L6-30 plug and extension cord (removable when not in use to prevent a tripping hazard), and the 9500W (3 Phase) Complete Element Assemblies come with an L15-30 plug and extension cord. The L6-30 plugs fit the BREWHA Tabletop Brewing Power Controller and Touchscreen Brewing Power Controllers, the L15-30 plugs fit the BREWHA 7BBL Touchscreen Brewing Controller.

It is recommended to always use a certified electrician for electrical installs and that a GFCI/GFI be installed in order to improve safety. Read more about it here.

The 9.5kW 3 phase element assembly comes with a 3" Tri-clamp/sanitary connection (all other element assemblies have a 2" Tri-clamp/sanitary connection), has a 1.5"NPS thread on the stainless bushing/plug (all other elements are 1" NPS), and the Assembly connectors are NEMAL15-30 (all other Assemblies are L6-30, except the 120V which has a 5-15 plug). These elements and electrical components are certified CSA/UL, and are for use with the BREWHA Brewing Power Controllers.

To check heater functionality the resistance can be measured with an ohm/multimeter. The two formulas you need (there is math in brewing!) are: Ohms=Volts/Amps and Amps=Watts/Volts (for  the 9500W three phase heaters the Watts for each rod are 1/3 of total).

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