Putting trub in the fermenter

A lot of effort is expended by brewers wanting to keep trub in the boil kettle and not rack it into their fermenter. Screens of various shapes and sizes, racking canes, blockers.... and this is understandable, for excess trub can contribute off-flavors to the beer. 

So why do we suggest to put trub in your fermenter? Because that is the easiest place to remove it. With a BREWHA conical fermenter (or 3-in-1) the trub quickly settles to the bottom of the cone and can be removed through the bottom valve before the yeast even gets active. 

No need to fight with plugged screens, get racked by canes, or stumped by blockers. Easily rack to the BREWHA fermenter through the BREWHA boil kettle's pickup tube, let it sit for a few minutes until it settles again and tap it off the bottom of your conical fermenter.

stainless steel conical fermenter