Whirlpool Arm

(This article was contributed by BREWHA customer Harold from Chicago, IL.)

A great addition to the BIAC is a whirlpool arm, especially if you want to whirlpool your hops after knockout. whirlpool armIt also helps in circulating the wort while cooling to decrease the time it takes to cool the wort. On the Homebrewtalk website, a guy that goes by b1v1r (https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/3-in-1-boil-kettle-jacketed-chiller-conical-fermenter-by-brewha.452229/page-17#post-7155822) Post 652, fabricated a whirlpool arm that works great, is relatively inexpensive, and is adjustable.

When recirculating the wort for the mash, I take wort from the bottom port, When I recirculate for a whirlpool after the mash, I recirculate from the racking port.whirlpool arms

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