Transferring Beer to Kegs-Large BIAC

(This article was submitted by BREWHA customer Harold in Chicago.)

I have found it faster and easier to transfer beer after fermentation to kegs by using a hose to directly drain into the keg. About 1-2 psi is all that is needed to push the beer and it only takes less than 10 minutes to complete the transfer. racking beer to kegsOn the lid of the BIAC, one opening has the pressure relief valve in case of over-pressurization, and the other the CO2 inlet connector.
After sanitizing 2 corny kegs, I purge them with CO2, then place a see through poly-carbonate plate over the keg opening (see picture). The plate has a hole drilled in it to allow the transfer hose to fit into. Before I purge with CO2, I place any dry hops in the keg so that when I purge, the dry hops are purged also. Since there is always some beer remaining, I take a sample and measure gravity and PH for the finished beer.


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