Oxygenating Wort through the Lid

(This article was submitted by BREWHA customer Harold from Chicago, IL.)

For many brews, I used the method of dumping trub from the bottom port, then hooking up the oxygen attachment and bubbling up from the bottom. The problem was that I could never get a feel for how much 100% oxygen I was releasing from the bottle. If the bubbles are too large, then there is little oxygen actually getting into solution. aerating wort in the fermenterOf course, the best way is to get an oxygen meter...but as a home brewer...fagedaboudit! So what I decided to do is purchase the 3 foot wand to aerate a carboy, and aerate from the lid port. I place the wand in StarSan solution, get the bubble rate that I want, then insert through the lid port to aerate the wort. The added benefit is that you can move it all around aerating all of the wort, instead of just up the middle when using the bottom port. I have a paper towel soaked in StarSan around the lid port to prevent anything from drifting in.

 aerating wort with oxygen

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