A Dream Come True — 3 Dogs Community Brewpub

When the owners of 3 Dogs Brewing wanted to start a community microbrewery in a strip mall, they had to choose brewing equipment that met their budget and fit in their space. This video explores the fulfillment of their dream in starting a brewery and providing a fun and engaging space for the community to hang out in while drinking quality craft beer. (This is part 1 of a 2-part mini series. Part 2 (click here to view) looks at the details of renovating their 1500sf space in a strip mall to include a 60 person sitting area, and describes their methods of operating the BREWHA BIAC complete brewing system on a brew day.)

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Part 2 video: How to build a brewery

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I would love to have a small homebrew for my small town of two thousand drinkers and would like a similar brewery like the 3 Dogs community brewery.
Alphonse Kee
Interested client

Alphonse Kee

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