How to Quickly Transfer Beer from Your Fermenter to a Keg

While BREWHA's Fermenter to Keg Racking Transfer Hose allows a brewer to easily transfer beer to a keg in an oxygen free environment using the 'beer out' post of the keg, the 'beer out' post on most kegs is through a 1/4" tube which can restrict beer flow and be somewhat time consuming. This article describes how one BREWHA customer (Jim from Tulsa, OK) has developed an easy method for rapid racking of beer to a keg using a larger diameter hose. It describes why he made it and provides instructions on how he did it.

I have read that some people have tried to transfer beer through the beer out port on their kegs with little or no success. Others have just placed the hose into the keg and loosely fitted the lid in with the hose, then wonder if the keg was full and having to take a peek ever so often. I devised an easy solution that allows quick and sanitary filling of the keg while being easy to monitor.

I found a piece of flat Plexiglas and cut a small piece to fit over the opening of the keg. Next I drilled a hole large enough for my transfer hose to fit through. I keep a bucket with sanitizer close where I place the lid to the keg. After sanitizing the Plexiglas and hose, I place the Plexiglas with hose on and into the keg. Then purge the keg with Co2, place a small flashlight on the Plexiglas to see the level. Open the valve and fill with no worry of overfilling or letting nasties inside the Keg.

Now it’s time for a beer……Cheers

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