Instruction manual for the BREWHA Water, Beer and Wort Chiller


These Water Chillers are 120V chillers that can be multi-purposed for many tasks including small variance wort chilling, fermentation regulation and the 3000BTU/AS110 can also be used for chilling beer for consumption. They are the perfect companion for the serious home brewer and commercial applications alike. 

This manual provides the instructions necessary for setup and operation of the BREWHA Water Chillers by Lindr.


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Hi Ewan, the smaller AS110 Chiller is 3000BTU which means it will lower the temp of 100gal of wort about 4F/hour (or about 4 hours). The AS200 is 6500BTU and will lower the temp of 100gal of wort about 8F/hour (or about 2 hours). This assumes your brew room is at standard room temperature (so the Chiller can cool itself). With a cold water storage tank, you could pre-chill a larger volume of water using the Chiller, and the chill time would then be reduced.

BREWHA Equipment Co

Hello, I am using a 100gal. system and can get the wort down to 85F with city water. Do you think this chiller would be effective at this volume down to 68F?

Ewan Willey

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