BREWHA BIAC beer brewing workshop masterclass

Learn how to install and operate your own successful BREWHA craft brewery by spending a fun and informative day brewing beer on a BREWHA BIAC. 

The price is US$150 for the workshop at BREWHA and 100% of the workshop fee will be refunded on any brewing system purchase.  

  BREWHA Equipment Co
  Brew with BREWHA on a 1.5BBL BREWHA BIAC brew system at our shop in Victoria, BC (3154 Delta St). For upcoming dates and information click here.


   Contact: BREWHA Equipment Co

BREWHA factory Victoria

Or, spend a day with one of our successful brewpub customers. They are a wealth of information and have graciously opened up their brewery/brewpubs to give you confidence in setting up your own brewery by giving experienced and informative insights on everything from choosing a site, fixing up a space, getting permitting, to decorating, brewing and serving fantastic beer. (To get the most out of your time, prepare a list of your questions in advance.)

The brew session is limited to 2 people. A second part day (1-2 hours) for planning the brew or discussing it after is also included if desired.

The price is US$750 total (CA$1000 for 3 Dogs) payable directly to the brewery when you arrive. BREWHA will refund you 50% of the brewery fee on the purchase of a commercial system (1.5BBL or larger). 

 East Coast

  Joshua Lockman and Greg Fletcher, Axe and Arrow Brewery, Glassboro, NJ (30mins from Philadelphia)


   Video (budget and plans): Axe and Arrow Microbrewery

Axe and Arrow Brewing
Mid West

   Nick Hill and John Paul, Pixeled Brewing Co, Fargo, ND


   Video: Pixeled Brewing

Nick microbrewerey session

   Scott, Wade and Pam, 3 Dogs Brewing, White Rock, BC


   Video: 3 Dogs Brewing

3 dogs brewpub


  • Hi Steve — that is the total for two people.

    BREWHA Equipment Co
  • hey guys, is it $750 per person or is that the total for two people?

  • HI Tiger, you would be welcome to register for a brew session at our shop (see the link above for purchasing a ticked)— that would be a great way to get to know the equipment better.

    BREWHA Equipment Co
  • I wish to setup a brewery and would like to know your equipment better, especially on a 240L equipment

    Tiger maramba
  • I am really interested in purchasing one of your Micro kits, what is recommended for around $7,000.


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