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Countertop beer chiller and dispenser Lindr Pygmy 25

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Hi Corey — beer shelf life has many factors but for kegged beer the two greatest are how sanitary transfer was (were lines and keg all free of microbes that would spoil the beer) and whether oxygen was introduced (oxidation). If oxygen was kept out and microbes were not introduced, beer will last several months (likely your lines will need cleaning before the keg goes bad). And yes, unless you will drink the keg within a day or two, you should use CO2 to pressurize the keg (oxygen in the air will spoil the beer).

BREWHA Equipment Co

Hello, I am converting my Sprinter into a camper and would like to upgrade from a cooler full of bottles to a cabinet with a keg. Your product will allow me to not have to constantly be using energy for a kegerator and seems perfect. However, I wonder how long the quality of the beer would last considering the temperature will be constantly changing. Also, if I get it with the air compressor for dispensing, wouldn’t that oxygenate the beer and cause it to spoil? If so, can I still use a CO2 tank to keep the keg pressurized and oxygen free? Please give me the information I need to make this idea work as I am eager to start buying kegs instead of cases or growlers. Thank you.

Corey Johl

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