BREWHA BIAC Microbrewery Consultation and Beer Brewing Workshop Masterclass

If you are just starting to learn how to brew beer, or thinking of opening your own microbrewery, brewpub or tap room, you can draw on us and our customers to help you learn the basics and answer your questions. There are two avenues for learning that you can follow; the first is to attend a one day workshop with one of our commercial customers or at our warehouse, and the second is to hire one of our commercial customers as a consultant for an hour and ask them all the questions you have—see this link for more details on hiring a BREWHA brewery owner/consultant to have all your brewing and starting a brewery questions answered.

In the workshop, you will learn how to install and operate your own successful BREWHA craft brewery by spending a fun and informative day brewing beer on a BREWHA BIAC.  

Spending a day with one of our successful brewpub customers is an invaluable means of market research. They are a wealth of information and have graciously opened up their brewery/brewpubs to give you confidence in setting up your own brewery by providing experienced and informative insights on everything from choosing a site, fixing up a space, getting permitting, to decorating, brewing and serving fantastic beer. (To get the most out of your time, have at least a basic understanding of the brewing process before you go by reading the articles and watching the brewing and brewery videos on this page, and prepare a list of your questions in advance.)

The brew session is limited to 2 people. A second part day (1-2 hours) for planning the brew or discussing it after is also included if desired.

The price is $1000 payable directly to the brewery when you arrive. BREWHA will refund you 50% of the brewery fee on the purchase of a commercial system (1.5BBL or larger). 

Kevin Greenaae, Oak St Brewery, New Orleans, LA


Video: Oak St Brewery

Oak St Brewery

Josh Lockman, Axe and Arrow Brewing, Glassboro, NJ


Video (& drawings): Axe and Arrow Brewing

Axe and Arrow Brewery

Mark Henson & Doug Farrell, Skint Chestnut Brewing Co, Powder Springs, GA


Video: Skint Chestnut Brewing Co

3 dogs brewpub

Tim Kramer and Colin Pistawka, Barn Owl Brewing, Kelowna, BC


Video (& drawings): Barn Owl Brewing

3 dogs brewpub

Scott and Pam, 3 Dogs Brewing, White Rock, BC


Video (budget and drawings): 3 Dogs Brewing

3 dogs brewpub
Or you can brew with Nathan on a 1.5BBL BREWHA BIAC brew system at our warehouse in Victoria, BC (3154 Delta St). For upcoming dates and information click here

  Contact: BREWHA Equipment Co

BREWHA factory Victoria
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Hi Steve — that is the total for two people.

BREWHA Equipment Co

hey guys, is it $750 per person or is that the total for two people?


HI Tiger, you would be welcome to register for a brew session at our shop (see the link above for purchasing a ticked)— that would be a great way to get to know the equipment better.

BREWHA Equipment Co

I wish to setup a brewery and would like to know your equipment better, especially on a 240L equipment

Tiger maramba

I am really interested in purchasing one of your Micro kits, what is recommended for around $7,000.


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