Installing the fermenter lid gasket

Installing conical fermenter lid gasketAll models of the BREWHA 3-in-1 fermenter and 4-in-1 fermenter have a silicone lid gasket for sealing the lid and providing pressure (3psi with 3-in-1 and 14.9psi with the 4-in-1) for racking beer into kegs.

If the lid is kept clean, the lid gasket can generally be kept in place as it can be sanitized simple by putting into position (leave the lid ports open to allow steam to escape) at the end of boil (when elements are turned off otherwise foam up may occur) and allowing steam to heat sanitize the lid. 

Occasionally, for example when fermentation is too vigorous and krausen soils the lid, a more thorough cleaning may be desired for which the lid gasket needs to be removed. Like any silicone gaskets, the lid gaskets should be handled with care as silicone has very low elasticity and will easily deform. 

Installing fermenter lid gasketWhen reinstalling the gasket, it is best to have the lid and gasket perfectly clean and dry as silicone is most 'sticky' at this point. The gasket can be put into place by slowly working your way around the lid, sliding the gasket into position. If the gasket has been stretched slightly, it will still compress into place by creating a small 'loop' that can be pushed down and will 'snap' into place (see upper picture).

If the gasket has been stretched too far for a simple loop to work, creating two loops at opposite sides of the lid, and pressing them both down into place at the same time will often work (see lower picture). 

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