Large Clean in Place Spray Ball

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This self-cleaning, rotating, Clean in Place (CIP) Spray Ball makes deep cleaning of fermenters super easy. While cleaning between batches in the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 can be easily accomplished simply by wiping and flushing the krausen and trub out, overtime beer stone can build up that needs to be removed with an acidic wash. The BREWHA CIP Spray Ball is inserted through a fermenter lid port and sprays wash all around the inside of the vessel—when you return, the job is done! Comes with a 6" stem and a 5" connecting cap. At 12psi the cleaning radius is 0.5m/1.6', at 28psi the cleaning radius is 1.1m/3.6 (spray radius of 2.5m/8' and capacity of 2.5m3/h).

BREWblog: The BREWHA CIP Spray Ball Assembly

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