Jacketed Conical Fermenters Infinite

All-purpose anything seldom lives up to expectations—this is one exception. Boil kettle, chiller and conical fermenter . . . in one. And now, with the 4-in-1 fermenters (that have a domed lid and thicker steel than the 3-in-1 fermenters) you can add 'brite/serving tank' to that list as the heavier design allows for up to 14.9psi of pressure.

These are the world's most sanitary jacketed conical fermenters. The heat of the boil will sanitize the fermenter. Cleaning with chemicals after each brew is no longer necessary, saving you time, labor, money and eliminating the risk of chemical contamination in your beer.

These jacketed fermenters can be combined with a BIAC to quickly expand out your brewery capacity. By adding the accessories listed below you will be able to brew in them by using the Mash Colander, Pump and Power Box purchased with the BIAC (purchase of same size is necessary for fit). 

Fittings, three valves and gaskets are included in the base price (see Product benefits and specifications page for more details).

3-in-1 Product benefits and specifications
4-in-1 Product benefits and specifications
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