7BBL Premium 12kW/208V 3 phase Stainless Heating Elements

US$ 1,900.00 US$ 1,900.00

The quickest, easiest, quietest, and cleanest way to heat water.

The heating element is made in the USA of 100% stainless steel—not with a mild steel flange that will rust like some elements. These premium, water-heating element assemblies from BREWHA are safer, easier to assemble, and better designed than ever before. 

These elements come with a short 12" cord and plug and a long 12' extension cord to connect the element to the power controller. The extension cord allows the element to be disconnected when not in use, eliminating the possibility of a tripping hazard presented by a long, permanently attached power cord. The 7BBL system includes four heating element assemblies.

Comes with NEMA 14-30 connectors. (May not be exactly as shown in images below.)

BREWinfo: Installing a BREWHA 100% Stainless Heating Element
BREWinfo: Improving safety of Electric Water Heating Elements
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