PTC Controller for 1.5BBL, 3BBL, 5BBL and 7BBL BIAC

US$ 3,199.00 US$ 3,199.00

Safe and precise power output.

BREWHA Power Controllers are CSA inspected and certified* and UL approved and allow brewers to safely control 240V electricity. They are rugged, easy to operate, and will provide years of service. 

The front panel is easy to access and has a dial for power output control, a master heating switch, and a 3-way pump switch (on, off and automated by the level sensor). 

Power to the elements can be automatically turned on/off by connecting an ETC (during mash to precisely regulate temperature) and the power output can be manually adjusted with the digital dial controller (preventing boil over and to control the rate of water evaporation). 

It is contained in a fan-cooled, splash resistant enclosure with a see-through lid. Should a repair ever be needed, the box is easy to access and parts readily accessible from industry suppliers.

Approximate dimensions are 20*20*12". The 1.5BBL box is 240V/50A draw single phase, the 3BBL box is 240V/95A draw single phase (208V/35A three phase), the 5BBL box is 240V/135A single phase (208V/35A three phase) and the 7BBL box is 208V/50A three phase only. When purchasing informing us whether you need a single or three phase controller.

*CSA certification is globally respected and recognized by UL, TUV and other leading certification bodies

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