230L 4-in-1 Jacketed Conical Fermenter

US$ 3,599.00 US$ 3,999.00 US$ 3,599.00

All-purpose anything seldom lives up to expectations—this is one exception. Boil kettle, chiller, conical fermenter and brite tank . . . in one. 

This vessel has a domed lid with clamp fasteners to permit up to 14.9psi of pressure inside the vessel (7psi in the jacket). 

Includes three valves, fittings, three casters, water level ruler, CIP, two jacket ports, two 2" ferrules and four 1.5" ferrules in the cone and two 1.5" and one 6" ferrule on the lid. 

Does not include any other accessories but they can be purchased from this page.

Hurry—limited supply remaining!

Product benefits and specifications
BREWinfo: Controlling fermentation temperature in the 3-in-1
BREWinfo: Putting trub in the fermentor
BREWinfo: How to all-grain brew in the BIAC
BREWinfo: Avoiding deforming the vessel
BREWinfo: Transferring beer from the 3-in-1 to a keg
Video: How to rack beer from the 3-in-1 into kegs

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