Securing the Mash Colander on the 3-in-1

As I mentioned in a recent email, the lower mash colander handles were made shorter so that it was easier to lift out. However, you may find that if the mash colander slides to one side, the other side might drop into the 3-in-1. If it was full of mash at the time, it could be more difficult to lift out. 

In order to provide you with a solution, if you find this to be a problem, we will be sending you high quality stainless steel rope clamps that you can easily attach to the handle. Once attached to the handle, the clamp will form a stop that will prevent the handle from sliding off the lip of the 3-in-1.

1. Two high quality stainless steel clamps,

one for each lower handle.





2. Attach the clamp, one to each handle, near the

back corner.





3. If the mash colander is bumped or slides to one side,

the clamp will bump against the lip of the 3-in-1,

preventing the colander from sliding any further and

dropping into the 3-in-1.