Customer Feedback

"The BIAC is an awesome setup. I despise labour/cleanup on brew days. The BIAC is simple and fun to brew on..I actually WANT to brew with the BIAC. On brew day there are no carboys to clean, no pots caked with hops, etc. You rinse the mash colander out while your wort is coming to a boil..and that's it."
Jimmy B. Nova Scotia, Canada


"I just thought I would let you know that my first batch ended up turning out great.
I kegged it last week and served it at a birthday party over the weekend and my guests nearly finished off an entire corny keg of it. While this might not seem like a big deal to someone like yourself, for me it was quit an accomplishment.
You see, I have never brewed anything before (unless you count a cup of tea) but using the BIAC I was able to brew an all grain beer, my first time and get great results. There is no doubt that most of the credit goes to the BIAC. It made it so easy that even a beginner could do it."
Joel H., Michigan, USA


"The boil kettle is friggin awesome!! I love it! It chilled 5 gallons of wort off in about 20 minutes... about as good as the plate chiller, although WAY more sanitary. It really is the nicest boil kettle money can buy! You guys rock! "
Brian F., North Carolina, USA