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Brewing beer with cheap equipment is not a bad thing.

But there is something to be said for quality, consistency, and maybe most of all maximizing the enjoyment of the brewing process.

And while plastic buckets and glass carboys, rubber bungs and bulkhead fittings, picnic coolers, outdoor brewing, and soup pots provide a great introduction to brewing, BREWHA equipment will take your enjoyment of the brewing process to a higher level. 

For years we brewed with cheap equipment—we still have some stained plastic buckets and rusty mash screens in storage to prove it—and our friends tell us most of it tasted pretty good. But a while ago we started to question if it wouldn't be easier, take less time, provide better consistency and quality, and be more enjoyable if we used better equipment. We were right.

The ongoing mission of BREWHA is to provide innovative, highest-quality, aesthetically pleasing brewing equipment that improves home and trial-size brewing in three main ways.


1. BREWHA equipment makes great sanitation easier. Arguably the single most important factor for making great beer is to keep the process free from microbial infection. BREWHA equipment is designed to make great sanitation easier through features such as the following:

  • a Jacketed Boil Kettle, and 3-in-1 boil kettle/chiller/fermenter provides the safest, easiest, and most-sanitary chilling mechanism and fermenter (the 3-in-1) on the market. With the boil occurring right in the patent pending 3-in-1 conical fermenter, the fermenter is completely sanitized by the heat of the boil, this is the most effective way possible to sanitize and provides the best means possible for safe fermentation
  • a mirror polish finish, which is the smoothest finish possible preventing bacteria from hiding out in microscopic pores in the surface of the vessels
  • tri-clamp ferrules and sanitary valves, which enable easy disassembly for thorough cleaning


2. BREWHA equipment is easy to electrify. Ports for adding heating elements and thermowells for digital temperature probes are standard on all vessels. Brewing with electricity provides a number of benefits, including:

  • can be brewed indoors
  • it is less expensive than propane heating
  • provides the most precise temperature regulation, repeatability, and control of the brewing process


3. BREWHA equipment simplifies the brewing process and makes it more enjoyable (without compromising quality in any way). This is accomplished through means such as:

  • combining heating, mashing, boiling, chilling and fermenting (and now even distilling) into one two-vessel apparatus reduces the cost, footprint and time for brewing while maintaining full control and giving the very best results. The BREWHA BIAC truly is the better way to brew  
  • combining two pieces of equipment into one where possible (like in the boil kettle where the jacket for chilling is also the wall of the boil kettle, or the conical fermenter where trub/yeast can be removed from the bottom of the fermenter avoiding the need to rack to a secondary)
  • building a system for controlling mash temperature right in the mash tun, giving you the most efficient and responsive control of your mash


This is the ongoing mission of BREWHA Equipment Co. We are constantly growing, and you will see new equipment being rolled out that we believe improves the brewing experience. Our aim is simple, we seek to make the most enjoyable brewing equipment in the world, and we won't be content until you are delighted. If you have suggestions for improvements that you think might fit with our mission, we would love to hear from you; send us a note using the form below.

 Stainless conical fermenter being made Jacketed boil kettle Conical fermenter


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