About BREWHA Heating

Key to a great hot water tank is flexibility and multi-functionality—and BREWHA's heating vessel has these in spades.

A hot water tank heats water for mashing or sparging. And with BREWHA's heating vessel you have three convenient options for heating—a stove element,a gas flame, or an immersion electric heating element that can be easily inserted through the 2" tri-clamp port.

Having the option of easily adding an electric heating element increases the flexibility of the vessel significantly by no longer being bound to brewing on a stove top or outdoors. And with the heating element mounted to a tri-clamp coupling cap, it can be easily removed for cleaning and storage (shown in picture on the right). In fact, all the fittings (there are 9 sanitary ferrules) are attached with sanitary tri-clamps which makes setup, cleaning and storage the easiest by far of any competitive product. This vessel also comes with two thermowells—one for a thermometer for visual temperature reading, and a second for an electronic sensor (sensor is purchased separately) for automated temperature control.


Stainless steel hot liquor tank


But this hot water tank is not just for heating water. With the HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) coil (shown in picture on the left), the tank can be used for heating wort whether its for step-mashing, maintaining temperature, or mashing out. The 1/2" stainless steel HERMS coil easily connects to the inside of the tank with sanitary tri-clamps, and through the use of a pump, wort is circulated from the bottom of the mash tun, through the coil where it absorbs heat from water in the tank, and back to the top of mash tun where it is returned to the mash. If the mash temperature needs to be raised, the temperature of the water in the hot water tank is raised which will in turn heat the wort passing through the inside of the coil. The major benefits of using a HERMS system to heat the mash is that you greatly lessen the risk of overheating your mash and you have a ready supply of heated water when it comes time to rinse your grain.

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