Conical Fermenter Benefits and Specifications

Why are your yeast going to be so happy? The most important feature yeast want from a fermenter is that it can easily maintain sanitary conditions. BREWHA's fermenter blisses them out.

Microbial competition in your fermenter will spoil your beer. Key to cleaning a fermenter is that all of the vessel fittings can be fully removed for thorough cleaning and that there are no grooves, channels, threads, pits, gaskets, pockets etc. inside the fermenter for contaminants to hide behind. With sanitary tri-clamp ferrules, sanitary quick-clean valves and mirror polish 304 stainless steel, this fermenter is the easiest to sanitize and the most versatile to use of any fermenter on the market.

Don't want trub (proteins and yeast sediment) in your fermenter? No problem. The conical base causes all trub to settle to the very bottom of the fermenter where it can be easily removed through the bottom valve preventing any potential off-flavors.

Don't want trub in your keg or bottles when you rack (transfer) your beer? There is a third sanitary valve precisely positioned on the side of the cone just above the sediment layer. 

Need a place to store your air lock (or your beer glass)? The flat top of the fermenter was designed for this. It will also hold several psi of pressure if you want to use CO2 to rack your beer uphill.

Ever want to move your fermenter? High quality castor wheels are standard issue with this one.

Conical fermenter benefits

Sanitary, sexy, and smart. It can't get much better.

Read more about use of the conical fermenter on the BREWHA blog page.


Stainless steel conical fermentor includes:

A. seven 1.5" sanitary tri-clamps
B. seven 1.5" food grade silicone gaskets
C. four 1.5" sanitary ferrules (1 blow off, 1 gas in, 1 bottom drain, 1 side racking) 
D. three 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp / quick-clean valves
E. three 1/2" hose barbs on 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp caps
F. three heavy duty 3" rubber-wheeled locking castors
G. two drop handles
H. raised lid handle
I. 1/4" FPT coupling on 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp cap (for attaching a gas in connector for racking beer--contact us if you need help locating the parts for connecting this to your CO2 tank)
J. lid clamp
K. food grade silicone lid gasket
L. 60° conical fermentor bottom
M. withholds up to 3psi of pressure when racking beer from conical fermentor into kegs
N. Sanitary mirror polish finish
O. 60.5L/16 gallon capacity
P. 1.2mm/18 gauge 304 stainless steel conical fermentor and lid; 
Q. Approx dimensions are 41" tall by 15.7" wide (105cm by 40cm)
R. four ferrule welds and finishing
S. wooden crate for shipping to ensure safe delivery and storage
T. high quality construction to last a lifetime
U. ship weight approx 36kg/79lb 

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