About BREWHA Boiling

BREWHA boil kettle is the only no-worries, fail-safe, sanitary kettle/chiller in the market.

A main reason for boiling wort is to sanitize it so that it is free of foreign microbes that might contaminate the beer. After the wort has finished boiling, it needs to be chilled before yeast is pitched; if the wort is too warm, it could shock the yeast or even kill it.

In the past, trial-size brewers chilled the wort by one of three methods. Either through inserting the boil kettle in a cold water bath, or by immersing a coil through which cold tap water was ran, or by using a counter-current heat exchanger through which wort is pumped on one side at a manually controlled rate, and cold tap water is pumped on the other. Heat from the hot wort passes through the metal wall into the cold tap water, cooling the wort in the process. Stainless steel boil kettle with built in heat exchanger chilling jacket for best way to chill wort

None of these methods is as attractive as BREWHA's jacketed boil kettle for the following reasons. The first reason is sanitation. Whether it's the bath method where cooling occurs slowly and the moving of the pot can create conditions where foreign contaminants can enter, or the coil immersion method that leaves the top of the kettle open during chilling and can bring contaminants along with it stuck to the coils, or the pumping of wort through a plate or coil heat exchanger where contaminants can easily be hiding in nooks and crannies, sanitation can easily be compromised.

Perfect sanitation is easily attained every time using BREWHA's jacketed boil kettle. Because the jacket is part of the vessel, the only equipment the wort contacts is the inside of the boil jacket which is fully sanitized during the boil as it is also the inside of the boil kettle. Once the boil has ended, the lid is placed on the fermenter eliminating risk from airborne contaminants, and cold tap water is sent through the jacket, cooling 38L of wort to ale yeast pitching temperature in about 40 minutes.

The second drawback is convenience. Moving a pot full of hot wort to a cold water bath is not convenient. Having to clean and remember to insert the immersion coil in your boiling wort with sufficient time left in the boil to fully sanitize the coil is not convenient. Having to carefully clean and sanitize the coil or heat exchanger before and after each use is not convenient. Having to monitor the flow rate through the counter current chiller to get the right exit temperature is not convenient. BREWHA's jacketed boil kettle is the most convenient system out there—no chemical cleaning, no extra prep work, no monitoring. Water lines are quickly and easily connect to the jacket with two tri-clamps, turn the water on...and that's it, your wort is ready for the next step. 

In addition to the jacket, another major feature of BREWHA's jacketed boil kettle are the two 2" sanitary tri-clamp ports that allow for easy addition of heating elements into the kettle. This means you are no longer limited to brewing on a stove top or outdoors over a gas flame. Inserting two 1500W/120V elements and using one stove top element will bring 52L of wort from mash out to boil in just over 20 minutes. By using two 4500W/240V elements it would take about 13 minutes or two 5500W/240V elements about 9 minutes (you'll need a catcher's mit to catch the hot break boil over at this speed). The benefit of the higher wattage elements is of course the reduced heat up time. The benefit of the 1500W elements is that they operate on 120V power. This means you can use your standard household sockets and don't need to move the kitchen stove or have any special electrical configuration. 


Ultra Low Watt Heating Density electric heating elements installed in stainless steel boil kettle



BREWHA's jacked boil kettle provides the most consistent, reliable, sanitary conditions of any commercially available boil kettle, for the sanitary boiling and chilling of wort. 

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