About BREWHA 3-in-1

BREWHA's 3-in-1 provides the easiest, and most sanitary brewing experience possible. 

The vessel combines boil kettle, chiller and fermenter into one, virtually eliminating risk of contamination and making it easier to brew with better consistency. Through the 2" sanitary ferrule a 5500W stainless steel Ultra Low Watt Density heating element can easily be added to create a boil kettle. The jacketed wall of the fermentor allows for cold water to chill the wort without ever compromising sanitation. And later the jacket can be used to precisely regulate your fermentation temperature by using a solenoid to automatically let chilling water in when the fermentation temperature creeps too high. This eliminates the possibilty of high temperature adding off notes to your ales. The conical base provides for easy removal of trub, (hold and cold break proteins, fats, yeast etc.) to eliminate any possible source of off-flavors from yeast digesting proteins or fats.Stainless steel jacketed conical fermenter

All that remains to do once the wort is added is to boil it, chill it, pitch the yeast and seal the lid. No transferring necessary eliminates the major source for contamination. (If your yeast strain requires it, oxygenate the wort by rocking the fermentor or injecting O2 in through a bottom port. Many commercial yeast strains—Nottingham by Danstar is just one example—do not require the wort to be aerated as the yeast contains an adequate reservoir of carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids to achieve active growth. Read the last bullet of point 4 on the Technical Data Sheet found at the bottom of this page.) 

The sanitary fittings on the lid provide for blow off and easy addition of up to 5psi of CO2 (a tri-clamp cap with 1/4"FPT nipple is provided for connection to a gas cylinder—we are happy to direct you with this if you need help connecting your CO2 to fermentor) for easy racking of beer into your keg. Neither the fermenter or the jacket are designed to be a pressure vessel and could deform if higher pressures are applied.

The 3-in-1 includes the sanitary ferrules, mirror polish, full diameter lid, and sanitary quick-clean valves of BREWHA's Jacketed Boil Kettle and Conical Fermenter.

But the 3-in-1 also includes the additional benefit that your fermenter is thoroughly sanitized by the boil process, no chemical sanitizers necessary, so there is no risk of microbes or chemical residues contaminating your batch. The fermentor has a 60° conical base with a 1.5" sanitary fitting and valve on the bottom that makes hot-break, cold-break, trub, and yeast removal extremely easy. Once the wort is chilled, cold-break can be removed out the bottom by removing a small amount of wort. And after yeast is pitched, the wort aerated through agitation of the fermentor or addition of oxygen, and initial fermentation completed, the bottom port can be opened to remove trub and yeast from fermenter. (It is recommended to have a spray bottle with sanitizing solution handy to clean the outside of the valve before and after each removal in order to eliminate risk of contaminants entering the fermenter.)

Once fermentation and conditioning are complete, beer can be easily racked to a keg by the introduction of CO2 through the gas in fitting at the top to push the beer out the bottom and up and over into your keg. 

The 3-in-1 is simple and easy to operate and virtually eliminates the risk of contamination—a leading cause of batch inconsistency and spoiling. 

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