4-in-1 Micro Brewing Fermenter Benefits and Specifications

How does BREWHA's 3-in-1 provides the easiest, and most sanitary brewing experience possible?Conical fermenter for beer brewing

  1. Highest quality construction will hold its value and provide years of brewing enjoyment
  2. This patent-pending conical fermenter is the only fermenter that has a built in port for heating and a jacket for chilling
  3. Boiling in the fermenter provides perfect, easy-to-achieve, chemical-free sanitation every time 
  4. The risk of oxidation and microbial contamination is almost completely eliminated by having capacity for heating, chillling and fermenting built right into the vessel
  5. Pressure rating of 14.9psi allows the vessel to double as a brite tank removing the need to rack beer and risk compromising sanitation. Serve directly from your tank!
  6. Performing multiple functions in one vessel saves time and money
  7. The conical bottom allows for easy removal of trub (protein, yeast and other solids) from your fermenter either prior to fermentation, during, or after fermentation is complete
  8. A thermowell in the vessel allows for bimetal or electrical temperature sensing probes
  9. A large diameter tri-clamp port in the cone (multiple in the larger models) allows for easy insertion of a 100% stainless steel electric heating element 
  10. A second port in the lid allows for pressurizing your conical when racking to a keg to overcome any height differences and ensure your beer is not exposed to oxygen
  11. The large diameter lid provides full and easy access to your vessel for thorough cleaning after fermentation
  12. Heavy duty stainless steel construction will give you a lifetime of brewing pleasure (and hold its resale value)
  13. Heavy duty wheel castors make moving the vessel easy even when full
  14. Sanitary fittings are easiest to disassemble and reassemble for thorough cleaning
  15. There are no threaded or weld-free or bulkhead fittings that can leak or harbor microorganisms and are difficult to disassemble and clean
  16. No lips or crevices ensures best sanitation possible
  17. Mirror polish finish is the smoothest finish possible leaving no microscopic pores for bacteria to hide out
  18. In the 1.5BBL to 5BBL sizes, a 5" port in the lid allows for easy addition of yeast and hops
  19. By just adding a Condensing Assembly one can even distill spirits


Five sizes are available: 30L/8gal (6L/1.5gal to 20L/5gal of beer); 90L/24gal (20L/5gal to 57L/15gal of beer); 240L/63gal (57L/15gal to 170L/1.5BBL of beer); 420L/130gal (170L/45gal to 350L/3BBL of beer); 720L/190gal (350L/3BBL to 585L/5BBL of beer). The 240L vessel comes with two 2" TC ports for the addition of two heating elements, the 420L with four and the 720L with six.

Dimensions (approx)

4-in-1 (without lid; add minimum 30cm/12" for lid, plus blow off hose height): 
Small: 90cm/35" height (38cm/15" diameter)
Medium: 120cm/47" height (55cm/22" diameter)
Large: 160cm/63" height (66cm/26" diameter)
3BBL: 172cm/68" height (90cm/36" diameter)
5BBL: 192cm/76" height (110cm/43" diamter)
BREWHA jacketed conical beer fermenter sizes

Please note: Water Heating Element, 240V Power Box, Electronic Temperature Controller, Hop Basket and Temperature Controlling Valve and other accessories are sold separately from the 4-in-1. They are not included with the 4-in-1.

The BREWHA 4-in-1 includes

A. ten 1.5" sanitary wing-nut tri-clamps 
B. ten 1.5" sanitary teflon gaskets
C. seven 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp ferrules 
D. five 1/2" hose barbs attached to 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp caps 
E. three 1.5" sanitary valves (full disassembly for cleaning)
F. three heavy duty 3" rubber-wheeled locking castors
G. one 3" thermowell fitted to 1.5" tri-clamp cap (for dial thermometer or electronic probe)
H. handle for moving fermenter
I. raised lid handle
J. 2" sanitary wing-nut tri-clamp (two on Large)
K. 2" sanitary teflon gasket (two on Large)
L. 2" sanitary tri-clamp ferrule (two on Large) for inserting a heating element 
M. 1.5mm 304 stainless steel cooling jacket (for chilling wort after brewing or controlling temperature when fermenting)
N. 1/4" female NPT on 1.5" tri-clover cap
O. 60° conical bottom (52° on the 1.5BBL 4-in-1)
P. withholds up to 14.9psi pressure in the body (tested to 22psi) and 7psi in the jacket
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