3-in-1 Sizes

Stainless conical fermenter 5 gallon 10 gallon 15 gallon 1 BBL 1.5BBL 2BBL

Small 3-in-1

(Boil Kettle, Chiller, and Fermenter)

(12-20L / 3-5 gallons of beer)

Stainless conical fermenter jacketed

Medium 3-in-1

(Boil Kettle, Chiller, and Fermenter

(24-60L / 6-15 gallons of beer)

Jacketed conical fermenter sizes

Large 3-in-1

(Boil Kettle, Chiller, and Fermenter)

(80-190L / 20-50 gallons of beer)

The patent pending 3-in-1TM  brings perfect sanitation, full control, with shorter brewing time, less hassle, less space, and at about one third the expense of a full traditional hot liquor kettle, boil kettle and fermenter.

Choose from three convenient sizes.

Click here to read about the benefits and specifications of the BREWHA 3-in-1


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