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Microbrewery Water and Beer Pump

Microbrewery Water and Beer Pump

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March builds high quality pumps that will provide years of dependable service. Unlike cheaper pumps that can be frustrating to operate (due to such reasons as poor motor and body alignment leading to binding, poorly cast and low quality parts being easily broken, under powered motors leading to stoppage when grain enters the pump head and motors that readily burn out) these pumps are brewery workhorses that will provide years of dependable service. 

The March beer pumps are non-self-priming magnetic drive units built specifically to handle hot wort and water. The benefits of a magnetic drive, centrifugal pump are that they don't have a mechanical seal (which is leak prone and can be expensive to repair) and are not positive displacement (which can over-pressurize leading to damage or rupture). While being more costly to up front, due to lower maintenance costs they are more economical over the life of the pump. They require liquid being pumped to lubricate the internal parts. If the pump is run dry for a period of time the impeller and shaft may become damaged. To regulate the flow volume use a valve on the discharge/outlet. 

The TE-7S-MD has a maximum flow rate of 53gpm/200Lpm or head of 57ft/17m (maximum pressure of 25psi but with back pressure and 1/2" hose approx 4gpm at 18psi). The TE-7S-MD can be wired for either 120 or 240V power. Pump comes with two welded 1.5" TC connectors.

Additional products can be added such as hoses (6' plus 2' of 0.5"ID and 3' of 1"ID food-grade, high-temp, heavy-duty, high-pressure, braided silicone tube, two 1.5" TC (tri-clamp) clamps, two 1.5" TC silicone gaskets—7S comes with welded TC fittings) cord (with 5-15 plug) and pump cart.  

(Power cord and cart are NOT included with the 'pump only' option. Some assembly required.)

For details on Proposition 65 (California residents) see March's website.

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