teflon filter discs 0.2 micron

Teflon Filter Membrane

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This filter disc is the perfect companion to ensure that sanitary conditions in the fermenter, stay sanitary. This filter will remove airborne contaminants and prevent them from ruining the beer.

These discs have an OD of 47mm (fits on 1.5" tri-clamp compatible ferrules) and a pore size of 0.22μm (small enough to keep out all microbial contaminants). They can be boiled in clean water to easily sanitize prior to use.

Note: Filter discs may be packaged with wax paper discs separating the teflon discs—DO NOT use the wax paper discs as filter media as they will not let gas pass through.

Note: It is recommended to use the filter discs on an open port (e.g. between the lid ferrule and a hose barb fitting) and to NOT use them under the pressure/vacuum relief valve. Due to their small pore size, it is possible for the filter to plug, so it is advisable to always have the relief operating separately from the filter

Comes in packs of 25.

Teflon filter membrane gas flow and sterilization data
Adding a teflon filter membrane to a fermenter



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