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Transfering Beer to Kegs-Large BIAC

transfering beer to kegs I have found it faster and easier to transfer beer after fermentation to kegs by using a hose to directly drain into the keg. About 1-2 psi is all that is needed to push the beer and it only takes less than 10 minutes to complete the transfer.  On the lid of the BIAC, one opening has the pressure relief

Preventing scorched wort and burnt flavor in your beer

preventing scorched wortAfter four weeks of eager anticipation, there are few things more devastating to a brewer than discovering an unwanted microbial infection or tasting burnt/smokey notes in your latest brew. The BIAC takes you a long way towards preventing the unwanted infection, since by boiling in the fermenter it is heat sanitized. However, one needs to be careful...

Heating and chilling methods for the 5BBL BIAC

Method for faster chilling of wort There has been some discussion online about the benefit of circulating wort inside the BIAC fermenter during chilling to reduce the chill time so we put it to the test in our largest system, the 5BBL BIAC. We tested on the 5BBL, since being the largest system we currently offer, it has the lowest chilling surface area to wort ratio and therefore (all other factors being equal) the longest chill time of the BIAC systems.

Controlling vorlauf and lauter rates to prevent a stuck mash

prevent stuck mash Not long ago Dave Miller sent me a link to an article he wrote on vorlauf and lautering that has really helped with questions around increasing lauter rates and preventing stuck mashes. In his article he states that most people lauter (and vorlauf) too fast and while there are many possible causes, the major culprit...

Assembling the Water Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulator for chilling wort Every hose and tank is designed with a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), which if exceeded, will cause damage and could even pose a safety hazard. The BREWHA tank jackets have been designed to hold up to 5psi of pressure (7psi in the MB 4-in-1s) which is more than enough pressure to...

Installing your BIAC complete all-in-one brewery

Installing the BIAC breweryIn this video we will be looking at how to setup the BREWHA® BIAC®. While today we are setting up a 5 barrel BIAC, most of the features and fittings are also found on the smaller models. The first thing to set up is the hoist. On the larger models of the BREWHA BIAC, an overhead hoist is necessary to raise the Colander, and...

Oxygenating Wort through the Lid

transferring beer to keg For many brews, I used the method of dumping trub from the bottom port, then hooking up the oxygen attachment and bubbling up from the bottom. The problem was that I could never get a feel for how much 100% oxygen I was releasing from the bottle...

Benefits of the BIAC for Restaurants and Microbreweries

Benefits of the BIAC for MicrobreweriesThe BREWHA BIAC  complete, all-in-one brewing system is an innovative, affordable, flexible, turnkey system that will grow with your business. The patented BIAC is ideally suited for nano and micro-breweries for a number of reasons—this video tells you why.

Evaluating the aroma and flavor of hop varieties

Hop aroma and flavorUnderstanding the bittering potential of hops is fairly straightforward. Understanding the aroma and flavor properties of a given variety, however, is often a lot more complex and difficult to assess. 

This is why the research project being undertaken this month by Frank Addeo (in conjunction with Yakima Valley Hops and Central Washington University) is particularly interesting...

Whirlpool Arm

whirlpool arm

A great addition to the BIAC is a whirlpool arm, especially if you want to whirlpool your hops after knockout. It also helps in circulating the wort while cooling to decrease the time it takes to cool the wort...

Instructions for assembling the Temperature Control Valve

Inside the temperature control valveTheTemperature Control Valve (TCV) is a small solenoid that is designed to control the flow of temperature regulating water into the jacket of BREWHA jacketed vessels. When it is powered (e.g. by the ETC), an electromagnet pulls a plunger up, opening the rubber diaphragm and letting water pass through the valve. When not powered, a small...

The BREWHA Tabletop Power Controller

240V power controller for brewing beerThe Digital Power Box is a reliable, precise, safe, portable and flexible means of controlling 230V electrical power in your home or commercial beer brewing system.
This video describes its structure and function and provides some useful tips for the safe brewing of beer.
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