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Countertop Beverage (Beer, Wine, Water etc.) Chiller and Dispenser

Countertop Beverage Water Beer Wine Chiller and Dispenser

This video describes the features and benefits of the Countertop Beverage Chiller and Dispenser, a fantastic countertop beverage chiller that can serve up to 25gal/hr (100L) of perfectly chilled beer, wine, water, or another beverage.

How to install and operate the BREWHA Keg Cleaner

Manual keg washer and cleanerThis manual keg cleaner is an economical way to manually clean kegs. The cleaner can stand alone or be set inside a BREWHA Large fermenter. Once spears are pulled, kegs can be inverted and dropped down onto the cleaner. When cleaning multiple kegs, it is simplest to...

Sumptin Like Pliny IPA 11G Large BIAC recipe

Pliny ipa and sunshine ale recipe This recipe was originally based on Pliny, but has evolved. It is a great beer! The equipment profile in Beersmith says a medium BIAC, but the old medium is now the large for Brewha. The estimated mash PH in Bru'nWater is 5.46 at...

The best way to clean and sanitize your stainless brewing equipment

Powder Brewers Wash One of the useful features of the BREWHA BIAC is that boiling can occur inside the fermenter which makes sanitation a snap—the heat of the boil will sanitize the fermenter so there is no need to chemically sanitize the vessel. All that is needed is to clean the fermenter out well with water and a soft cloth after the beer is removed, and it is ready to go for the next batch...

The freshest beer possible

Serve beer directly from the fermenter The freshest beer... is beer right out of the fermenter. No transfer hoses, kegs or brite tanks to contaminate, the BREWHA MB BIAC lets you serve your beer straight from the fermenter it was made in.

A Dream Come True — 3 Dogs community brewpub

Opening a microbrewery When the owners of 3 Dogs Brewing wanted to start a community microbrewery in a strip mall, they had to choose brewing equipment that met their budget and fit in their space. This video explores the fulfillment of their dream in starting a brewery and providing a fun and engaging space for the community to hang out in while drinking quality craft beer. (This is part 1 of a 2-part mini series.)

How to effectively clean electric heating elements

brewing element scrub brush for cleaningCleaning beer brewing elements is not difficult, especially with the BREWHA system where an element can be easily removed from the vessel simply be removing the clamp that holds it in place. Once removed...

Introduction to producing liquor

rum still BREWHA fermenters (3-in-1 and 4-in-1) can be used for distillation and producing spirits such as whiskey— scotch (from barley), bourbon (barley and corn) and rye (from rye)—rum (cane sugar), brandy (fruit) and vodka (any sugar source). Once the sugars have been fermented, the element...

Countertop Beer Chiller and Dispenser Manual

Table top beer dispenser and chiller

Manual for the Countertop Beer Chiller and Dispenser (Lindr Pygmy 25 and 25K)

Detailed information on how to install the Chiller, as well as a specifications page (at the end of the manual).

Good crush size for high efficiency and bed fluidity

Good crush size for high mash efficiency and bed fluidity The below image is a high definition picture of the image shown on this page of the BREWHA website. It shows a good crush size that removes the grain husk while leaving it intact, and cracks the grain open without pulverizing it. This crush was obtained with a single pass through a 0.04"/1mm roller gap on a three roller Monster Mill.

Troubleshooting the March 815 pump

March 815 beer pumpIf your 815 pump is not pumping liquid, check the following things:
  1. Ensure the correct power is available to the pump (120V in North America). 
  2. When powered on, inspect the...

How to add priming sugar to bottled beer for carbonation

bottle carbonatingCustomers who are bottling their beer sometimes ask how they should add priming sugar in order to carbonate the beer. There are a few ways to accomplish this.

A first method is to use...

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