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Learn to brew beer with a BIAC Homebrewer

learn to brew with a homebrewer Learn how to install and operate your BIAC home brewery by spending a day brewing with one of our accomplished BIAC brewers. These instructors are customers of BREWHA who have brewed many batches of beer and are a wealth of information on everything from...

Short course on opening a microbrewery/brewpub and a BIAC brewing session

learn to start a brewpub with scottLearn how to install and operate your own successful BIAC brewery/brewpub by spending a day brewing with one of our commercial customers. Our customers are a wealth of information and have graciously opened up their brewery/brewpubs to give you...

How to successfully open your own microbrewery brewpub

How to start a microbrewery This video is about building your own microbrewery. In it, 3 Dogs Brewing Co discusses how they went about opening their own successful microbrewery in a strip mall in Metro Vancouver. They discuss their vision for the brewery, the brew equipment they purchased, how they converted a former wine shop in a strip mall into a really...

BREWHA BIAC Instruction Manual

BIAC instruction manualWe are delighted that you have chosen a BREWHA BIAC for your home or microbrewing system! We trust that it will bring you many fun-filled hours of brewing, and of course, many times spent enjoying the fruit of your craft with your friends and customers.

This manual is meant to provide information on installation and setup of your beer brewing equipment, and...

How to assemble a grain roller mill for a microbrewery/brewpub

how to build a malt roller mill for microbrewery brewpub This video describes how to build a grist/malt roller mill for a microbrewery or brewpub. Starting with a Crankandstein 328G eight inch, three roller, fully geared mill, instructions are then given on how to connect a speed reducer and electric motor, and mount the assembly on a table for safe operation.

Eight ways to improve mash efficiency

Mash efficiency refers to the extent to which you are able to pull the sugars out of the malted grain and into the water. If a high percentage of sugar is recovered (75-90%) into the water, it is called high mash efficiency. A low percentage...

Programmable Brewery Touch Screen Power Controller

Brewery touch screen power controller This video describes the BREWHA wall-mount brewery power controller's features and goes into detail on how to use the programmable touchscreen. The controller is contained in a splash-proof enclosure and comes with a powerful touch screen controller that can regulate all aspects of the brew as well as store brewing programs. 

Brewing 5BBL of Craft Beer in the BREWHA BIAC

How to brew your own beerIn this video you will see just how easy it is to use the BREWHA BIAC to brew 5BBL of craft beer. The BREWHA BIAC is an innovative brewing system that takes all of the control that was afforded through the traditional four pot method of brewing and puts it into one compact system. It takes up less footprint, is easier to clean, easier to setup, easier on brewday, and one of the major benefits...

Countertop Beverage (Beer, Wine, Water etc.) Chiller and Dispenser

Countertop Beverage Water Beer Wine Chiller and Dispenser

This video describes the features and benefits of the Countertop Beverage Chiller and Dispenser, a fantastic countertop beverage chiller that can serve up to 25gal/hr (100L) of perfectly chilled beer, wine, water, or another beverage.

How to install and operate the BREWHA Keg Cleaner

Manual keg washer and cleanerThis manual keg cleaner is an economical way to manually clean kegs. The cleaner can stand alone or be set inside a BREWHA Large fermenter. Once spears are pulled, kegs can be inverted and dropped down onto the cleaner. When cleaning multiple kegs, it is simplest to...

Sumptin Like Pliny IPA 11G Large BIAC recipe

Pliny ipa and sunshine ale recipe This recipe was originally based on Pliny, but has evolved. It is a great beer! The equipment profile in Beersmith says a medium BIAC, but the old medium is now the large for Brewha. The estimated mash PH in Bru'nWater is 5.46 at...

The best way to clean and sanitize your stainless brewing equipment

Powder Brewers Wash One of the useful features of the BREWHA BIAC is that boiling can occur inside the fermenter which makes sanitation a snap—the heat of the boil will sanitize the fermenter so there is no need to chemically sanitize the vessel. All that is needed is to clean the fermenter out well with water and a soft cloth after the beer is removed, and it is ready to go for the next batch...

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