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How to brew all grain beer with the BREWHA BIAC — 10 gallons of Saison in under 5 hours

Brewing all grain beer in the BIAC In this video we are going to be brewing a Belgium Saison while using the BREWHA BIAC method of brewing. The BIAC stands for ‘Brew in a Conical’ and it is a method that we have developed here that brings several improvements to home brewing and trial-size brewing.

Matt Goldstein (Home brewer, Seattle, WA) endorses BREWHA

complete brewing system reviewHi this is Matt from LJ Brewing Company. We’re here in Seattle WA at our home brew house and we want to thank Nathan at BREWHA for his awesome equipment that we just purchased. We have already brewed a few batches and everything came out great and we couldn’t be happier...

Graham With (Brewer, Parallel 49 Brewing Co) endorses BREWHA

Graham With BREWHAHi, this is Graham from Parrallel 49 Brewing. We’ve been a fan of BREWHA equipment, we tend to run pilot system brews for most of the beers we make here and the BREWHA equipment has allowed us to replicate what we do on the big scale...

How to brew beer Step 1: Readying water and equipment

How to brew beerThis is the first video in a three part series about how to setup BREWHA equipment (Mash Tun, Hot Liquor Kettle and 3-in-1) and ready the water for brewing beer. It includes setup instructions as well as general information on brewing.

How to brew beer Step 2: Mashing grain to produce wort

Learn to brew beer video 2This is the second video of a three part mini series on learning how to brew beer. In this video you will learn how to increase or improve mash efficiency and mash grain using the BREWHA Mash Tun's built-in RIMS system. This video series uses a three vessel system included the BREWHA Mash Tun, Hot Liquor Kettle and 3-in-1.

How to brew beer Step 3: Boiling and chilling wort

Learning to brew beer part 3Learn how to boil, chill and ferment wort all in same vessel. This is the third video in a three part mini-series on learning how to brew beer using the BREWHA 3-in-1. The 3-in-1 is a combined boil kettle and stainless conical fermenter that makes great sanitation easy, yielding the best beer you'll ever ferment.

Regulating mash temperature with a HERMS system

HERMS hot liquor kettle to regulate mash temperatureIn this video you'll learn how to produce sparge water for rinsing grain to improve mash efficiency. You'll also learn how to precisely and safely control your mash temperature with just one heating element through use of the HERMS system in the BREWHA Hot Liquor Tank.

Improving mash efficiency with a recirculating pump

Mash efficiencyPrecise control of temperature and water circulation in the grain bed will allow you to achieve a higher level of sugar conversion.

Also includes an overview of the setup for the BREWHA RIMS Mash Tun.

BREWHA Conical Fermenter

Stainless steel conical fermenterYeasts' happiest place... because this fermenter's features make it the easiest for maintaining sanitary conditions.
This video describes the installation and use of BREWHA's stainless steel conical fermenter.

BREWHA Hot Liquor Tank

Stainless hot liquor kettleHot liquor tank extraordinaire.
A high quality stainless steel heat exchange coil inside the hot liquor tank turns your sparge water reservoir into a safe and efficient heat exchange recirculating mash system (HERMS). 


Stainless 15 gallon mash tunQuite possibly the world's most satisfying mash tun
Easy addition of an electric element for internal heating in a RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) will give you the quality and precision control you need for high mash efficiency and perfectly consistent mashing batch after batch . . . after batch.

BREWHA Boil Kettle

Stainless boil kettle 15 gallonThe world's first boil kettle with a built-in chilling jacket. 

Built into the walls of this 16 gallon / 62L brew kettle, the stainless steel jacket provides super easy and super sanitary chilling of wort once the boil is complete.

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