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Brewing beer with the BREWHA BIAC

This video provides a detailed overview on how to brew beer with the BREWHA BIAC.

Detailed step by step instructions provide new and experienced brewers alike with fun and engaging information that will give them confidence in brewing with the BIAC and have them brewing like a professional in no time at all.

Brewing with the Large (1.5BBL) BIAC

This video describes brewer Chris Sweet's experience in brewing beer with the Large BIAC.

It includes various tips and tricks for more enjoyable brewing, such as how to empty the Large Mash Colander, integrating third-party control panels and heat up and chill times for the Large 3-in-1.

How to install the Wort Aeration Stone and oxygenate wort

This video describes how to assemble the BREWHA Wort Aeration Stone on the 3-in-1 or Conical Fermenter.

It also discusses the benefits of aeration and the other equipment necessary for best oxygenation of the wort prior to fermentation.

Pro brewer reviews the BREWHA BIAC

Home brewing equipment kit

Pro brewer Danny Seeton describes how the BREWHA BIAC is a high-quality system with a small footprint that provides easy sanitation and perfect repeatability.

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When and how to reduce power to a 1500W element

Regulating the output of a heating element is important during mashing (preventing scorching), boiling (stopping hot break), distilling (preventing 'burping'), and even fermenting (some brewers are experimenting with using the element on very low wattage to keep fermenter warm). Reducing the power output of 5500W/240V elements is easy with the Power Control Box and now it is easy with 1500W/120V elements as well. This video shows how.

Lifting the BIAC Mash Colander out of the 3-in-1

Lifting the mash colander
This video describes an easy, economical and fun way to lift the Mash Colander out of the 3-in-1. It is particularly helpful for brewers who are brewing alone with the Medium and Large BIAC. A picture is also featured, showing one customer's garage setup for lifting the Large Mash Colander and removing spent grain.

Three benefits of the BREWHA (Small) BIAC


This short video gives three benefits of the BREWHA Small BIAC. In addition to providing full control, perfect sanitation, high quality stainless construction at an affordable cost, this BIAC is perfect for those who only have access to 120V power, only want to brew 3-5 gallon (10-20L) batches, or will be lifting the Mash Colander manually by themselves.

Brewing beer with the Small BIAC (Abridged)—American Blonde Ale

Small BIAC and 3-in-1 conical fermenter This video provides an introduction to brewing in the BREWHA Small BIAC. It provides an overview of the BIAC system and provides a condensed step by step guide to brewing. The BIAC is a simplified stainless steel brewing method that provides full control while making brew days more enjoyable and giving easy to achieve, perfect sanitation every time.

Ryan M. (Home brewer, Bethel Park, PA) endorses the BIAC

Review of BREWHA BIACHi, my name is Ryan and I recently purchased a BREWHA Brew-In-A-Conical (BIAC); great piece of equipment! Customer service has been excellent. Shortened my brew day by about three hours. Brewing is very easy in it. The Colander has increased my efficiency by about 10 percent from my traditional methods...

How to rack (transfer) beer from 3-in-1/4-in-1 fermenter into kegs

Racking beer from fermenter to keg
Learn how to easily rack beer from your fermenter into kegs without having to siphon. Easy way to transfer beer into kegs without worry of oxidation or unnecessary agitation. This video was produced while racking Saison beer produced in another video titled 'How to brew all grain beer with the BREWHA BIAC'.

How to brew all grain beer with the BREWHA BIAC — 10 gallons of Saison in under 5 hours

Brewing all grain beer in the BIAC In this video we are going to be brewing a Belgium Saison while using the BREWHA BIAC method of brewing. The BIAC stands for ‘Brew in a Conical’ and it is a method that we have developed here that brings several improvements to home brewing and trial-size brewing.

Matt Goldstein (Home brewer, Seattle, WA) endorses BREWHA

complete brewing system reviewHi this is Matt from LJ Brewing Company. We’re here in Seattle WA at our home brew house and we want to thank Nathan at BREWHA for his awesome equipment that we just purchased. We have already brewed a few batches and everything came out great and we couldn’t be happier...

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