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How to successfully open a microbrewery Part 4: Track 3 Microbrewery

starting a microbrewery and coffee houseTrack 3 Microbrewery and Coffee House in Dresher, PA, is a unique concept by Joe and Mike, combining three of their passions—beer, coffee, and rock and roll. In this video they describe how they selected the site for their microbrewery and coffee house, their marketing concept and implementation, the 7BBL brewing equipment they chose, how they built out their brewery and several other useful tips they learned along the way.

How to successfully open a microbrewery Part 3: Pixeled Brewing

Opening a microbrewery brewpubIn this video, Nick, the owner of Pixeled Brewing discusses how he built an arcade brewpub in an historic building in Fargo, ND. He discusses why he wanted to open an arcade brewpub, how he branded it, the equipment he chose, what a typical brew day looks like, some of the ups and downs of owning a brewpub, and he gives several pieces of sage advice.

How to successfully open a microbrewery Part 2: Axe and Arrow Microbrewery

starting your own craft microbrewery brewpubIn this video, Josh, Krystle and Greg, the owners of Axe and Arrow Microbrewery in Glassboro, NJ discus how they started their successful microbrewery. They describe how they planned their craft brewery, where they located it and why, the equipment they purchased for their brewhouse and fermentation, their marketing approach, the permitting and licensing hurdles...

How to successfully open a microbrewery Part 1: 3 Dogs Brewing

How to start a microbrewery This video is about building your own microbrewery. In it, 3 Dogs Brewing Co discusses how they went about opening their own successful microbrewery in a strip mall in Metro Vancouver. They discuss their vision for the brewery, the brew equipment they purchased, how they converted a former wine shop in a strip mall into a really...

How to assemble a grain roller mill for a microbrewery/brewpub

how to build a malt roller mill for microbrewery brewpub This video describes how to build a grist/malt roller mill for a microbrewery or brewpub. Starting with a Crankandstein 328G eight inch, three roller, fully geared mill, instructions are then given on how to connect a speed reducer and electric motor, and mount the assembly on a table for safe operation.

Programmable Brewery Touch Screen Power Controller

Brewery touch screen power controller This video describes the BREWHA wall-mount brewery power controller's features and goes into detail on how to use the programmable touchscreen. The controller is contained in a splash-proof enclosure and comes with a powerful touch screen controller that can regulate all aspects of the brew as well as store brewing programs. 

Brewing 5BBL of Craft Beer in the BREWHA BIAC

How to brew your own beerIn this video you will see just how easy it is to use the BREWHA BIAC to brew 5BBL of craft beer. The BREWHA BIAC is an innovative brewing system that takes all of the control that was afforded through the traditional four pot method of brewing and puts it into one compact system. It takes up less footprint, is easier to clean, easier to setup, easier on brewday, and one of the major benefits...

Countertop Beverage (Beer, Wine, Water etc.) Chiller and Dispenser

Countertop Beverage Water Beer Wine Chiller and Dispenser

This video describes the features and benefits of the Countertop Beverage Chiller and Dispenser, a fantastic countertop beverage chiller that can serve up to 25gal/hr (100L) of perfectly chilled beer, wine, water, or another beverage.

How to install and operate the BREWHA Keg Cleaner

Manual keg washer and cleanerThis manual keg cleaner is an economical way to manually clean kegs. The cleaner can stand alone or be set inside a BREWHA Large fermenter. Once spears are pulled, kegs can be inverted and dropped down onto the cleaner. When cleaning multiple kegs, it is simplest to...

A Dream Come True — 3 Dogs community brewpub

Opening a microbrewery When the owners of 3 Dogs Brewing wanted to start a community microbrewery in a strip mall, they had to choose brewing equipment that met their budget and fit in their space. This video explores the fulfillment of their dream in starting a brewery and providing a fun and engaging space for the community to hang out in while drinking quality craft beer. (This is part 1 of a 2-part mini series.)

Installing your BIAC complete all-in-one brewery

Installing the BIAC breweryIn this video we will be looking at how to setup the BREWHA® BIAC®. While today we are setting up a 5 barrel BIAC, most of the features and fittings are also found on the smaller models. The first thing to set up is the hoist. On the larger models of the BREWHA BIAC, an overhead hoist is necessary to raise the Colander, and...

Benefits of the BIAC for Restaurants and Microbreweries

Benefits of the BIAC for MicrobreweriesThe BREWHA BIAC  complete, all-in-one brewing system is an innovative, affordable, flexible, turnkey system that will grow with your business. The patented BIAC is ideally suited for nano and micro-breweries for a number of reasons—this video tells you why.
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