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An economical alternative to cold room storage for serving better beer

A cold room for beer keg storage (or cold brew coffee or kombucha, or whatever beverage you have) is expensive to build, takes up a lot of floor space and serves all the different styles of beverage at the same temperature. This of course, is NOT how beer is intended to be served as different styles have different ideal serving temperatures to best bring out the qualities of the beer. In this video, we will be looking at a unique and elegant solution to cold-room storage that takes up minimal space, is cost-effective, and allows you to serve each style of beer at its own temperature. 

Programmable Brewery Touch Screen Power Controller

This video describes the BREWHA wall-mount brewery power controller's features and goes into detail on how to use the programmable touchscreen. The controller is contained in a splash-proof enclosure and comes with a powerful touch screen controller that can regulate all aspects of the brew as well as store brewing programs. 

Countertop Beverage (Beer, Wine, Water etc.) Chiller and Dispenser

This video describes the features and benefits of the Countertop Beverage Chiller and Dispenser, a fantastic countertop beverage chiller that can serve up to 25gal/hr (100L) of perfectly chilled beer, coffee, kombucha, water, or another beverage.

Installing a portable fermentation temperature control unit

For most styles of beer, a chilling system is important for producing a great tasting beverage. In fact, aside from proper sanitation, temperature control is arguably the single most important criteria for brewing a fantastic product. Without temperature control...

Preventing scorched wort and burnt flavor in your beer

After four weeks of eager anticipation, there are few things more devastating to a brewer than discovering an unwanted microbial infection or tasting burnt/smokey notes in your latest brew. The BIAC takes you a long way towards preventing the unwanted infection, since by boiling in the fermenter it is heat sanitized. However, one needs to be careful...

Heating and chilling methods for the 5BBL BIAC

There has been some discussion online about the benefit of circulating wort inside the BIAC fermenter during chilling to reduce the chill time so we put it to the test in our largest system, the 5BBL BIAC. We tested on the 5BBL, since being the largest system we currently offer, it has the lowest chilling surface area to wort ratio and therefore (all other factors being equal) the longest chill time of the BIAC systems.

The BREWHA Tabletop Power Controller

The Digital Power Box is a reliable, precise, safe, portable and flexible means of controlling 230V electrical power in your home or commercial beer brewing system.
This video describes its structure and function and provides some useful tips for the safe brewing of beer.

How to build a temperature-controlled closet or pantry

Precise temperature control during fermentation is a critical aspect of brewing high quality beer but it can be challenging to achieve, especially in warm climates where cold tap water is not available. BREWHA's Water, Beer and Wort Chiller is an excellent chiller that is perfect for regulating fermentation by running cold water through the 3-in-1 jacket. Some brewers, however, may want to regulate temperature through a cold room.

Overview of the Water, Beer and Wort Chiller

This video describes how to install and use the BREWHA Water, Beer and Wort Chiller to chill wort after boiling is complete, maintain fermentation temperature when making beer, (including lagering beer) and chill beer on its way from the keg to tap.

When and how to reduce power to a 1500W element

Regulating the output of a heating element is important during mashing (preventing scorching), boiling (stopping hot break), distilling (preventing 'burping'), and even fermenting (some brewers are experimenting with using the element on very low wattage to keep fermenter warm). Reducing the power output of 5500W/240V elements is easy with the Power Control Box and now it is easy with 1500W/120V elements as well. This video shows how.

How to resurrect yeast and keep fermentation alive

Most brewers have had the unhappy experience where fermentation is proceeding along nicely, then quite suddenly and unexpectedly stops shy of the target gravity. In a panic, the fermenter lid is cracked to look inside, and one half expects to see a nasty scum growing on the surface. But no, everything looks happy and sanitary...

Maintaining low fermentation temperatures without a fridge

Controlling temperature during fermentation is very important for best flavor and batch-to-batch consistency. Most often, home brewers have controlled fermentation temperatures by regulating the room temperature or placing their fermenter in an old fridge that can be turned on and off. While these methods work, they have several drawbacks including:
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