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Securing sanitary clamps against accidental loosening

sanitary clamp 1.5 A customer recently informed us that some friends (who were new to brewing) had loosened one of the sanitary clamps on the 'wrong' (that is, nearest to the fermenter) side of the valve. Instead of removing a hose fitting, they removed the entire valve and suddenly had beer spilling out of the fermenter. It is bad enough if...

Preventing scorched wort and burnt flavor in your beer

preventing scorched wortAfter four weeks of eager anticipation, there are few things more devastating to a brewer than discovering an unwanted microbial infection or tasting burnt/smokey notes in your latest brew. The BIAC takes you a long way towards preventing the unwanted infection, since by boiling in the fermenter it is heat sanitized. However, one needs to be careful...

Assembling the Water Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulator for chilling wort Every hose and tank is designed with a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), which if exceeded, will cause damage and could even pose a safety hazard. The BREWHA tank jackets have been designed to hold up to 5psi of pressure (7psi in the MB 4-in-1s) which is more than enough pressure to...

Adding a filter disc to your fermenter

fermenter filterA vacuum breaker and pressure relief valve can be a useful accessory to help insure against damage to a fermenter. A vacuum, caused by a cooling of liquid or gas inside the fermenter can pull the sides in, and pressure building up from expansion or gas produced during fermentation can push the walls out. In either situation, the fermenter can be damaged, possibly beyond repair...

Improving safety of Electric Water Heating Elements

240V 30A power boxBreaker boxes (the electrical panel often found in laundry rooms) will prevent too much overdraw but a GFCI will respond much faster than a breaker to any deviation in electrical current.
A GFCI can be installed in an existing breaker box (if not already there), or one can be added on the line servicing your brewing setup.

Preventing deformation in your fermenter

3-in-1 damaged by pressureYou need to read this article carefully, especially if you will be using municipal water in the jacket of your Jacketed Boil Kettle or 3-in-1 to chill wort after the boil, or for regulating fermentation temperature. Municipal water pressures often exceed 60psi. The jackets on these vessels are not designed to withstand more than a few psi of pressure. Read this article to prevent your vessel from looking like the picture on to the right.

How to avoid a stuck mash and dry-firing the heating element

Dry-fired element

Melting a heating element by dry-firing is not a pleasant experience, not to mention it could ruin a batch, so here are a few suggestions on how to avoid this in the BIAC 3-in-1 (also applies to other vessels that use the heating element).

In the BIAC, wort from the Mash Colander drains into the 3-in-1, and the Chugger pump pulls this wort out the bottom of the 3-in-1 and returns it...

Operating the 240V/30amp Brewing Power Controller

240V Digital Power Box The 240V Brewing Power Controller (BPC) is designed to give safe and easy access to 240V/30amp power in the home. Without it, one would either have to use 120V power or plug a heating element directly into a 240V socket. Using 120V power (like is found in standard wall sockets) only delivers about 1500W power, and would take a very long time to heat water. On the other hand...
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