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How to successfully open a microbrewery Part 3: Pixeled Brewing

Opening a microbrewery brewpubIn this video, Nick, the owner of Pixeled Brewing discusses how he built an arcade brewpub in an historic building in Fargo, ND. He discusses why he wanted to open an arcade brewpub, how he branded it, the equipment he chose, what a typical brew day looks like, some of the ups and downs of owning a brewpub, and he gives several pieces of sage advice.

How to successfully open a microbrewery Part 2: Axe and Arrow Microbrewery

starting your own craft microbrewery brewpubIn this video, Josh, Krystle and Greg, the owners of Axe and Arrow Microbrewery in Glassboro, NJ discus how they started their successful microbrewery. They describe how they planned their craft brewery, where they located it and why, the equipment they purchased for their brewhouse and fermentation, their marketing approach, the permitting and licensing hurdles...

How to successfully open a microbrewery Part 1: 3 Dogs Brewing

How to start a microbrewery This video is about building your own microbrewery. In it, 3 Dogs Brewing Co discusses how they went about opening their own successful microbrewery in a strip mall in Metro Vancouver. They discuss their vision for the brewery, the brew equipment they purchased, how they converted a former wine shop in a strip mall into a really...

Brewing with the Large (1.5BBL) BIAC

This video describes brewer Chris Sweet's experience in brewing beer with the Large BIAC.

It includes various tips and tricks for more enjoyable brewing, such as how to empty the Large Mash Colander, integrating third-party control panels and heat up and chill times for the Large 3-in-1.

Pro brewer reviews the BREWHA BIAC

Home brewing equipment kit

Pro brewer Danny Seeton describes how the BREWHA BIAC is a high-quality system with a small footprint that provides easy sanitation and perfect repeatability.

Click here for more product information.


Aaron Colyn (Owner, Twin City Brewing Co) reviews BREWHA

Review of BREWHA

Aaron Colyn purchased a complete system from BREWHA including a Hot Liquor Kettle (with HERMS), Mash Tun (with RIMS), Jacketed Boil Kettle, 3-in-1 Jacketed Fermenter, and all the gear.
This is his review of the experience.

Ryan M. (Home brewer, Bethel Park, PA) endorses the BIAC

Review of BREWHA BIACHi, my name is Ryan and I recently purchased a BREWHA Brew-In-A-Conical (BIAC); great piece of equipment! Customer service has been excellent. Shortened my brew day by about three hours. Brewing is very easy in it. The Colander has increased my efficiency by about 10 percent from my traditional methods...

Matt Goldstein (Home brewer, Seattle, WA) endorses BREWHA

complete brewing system reviewHi this is Matt from LJ Brewing Company. We’re here in Seattle WA at our home brew house and we want to thank Nathan at BREWHA for his awesome equipment that we just purchased. We have already brewed a few batches and everything came out great and we couldn’t be happier...

Paul N. (Home brewer, Vancouver, BC) endorses BREWHA

BREWHA reviewHi, I am Paul. I am a home brewer in Vancouver and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy using BREWHA’s products. I have to a mash tun and a hot liquor tank that I use in a HERMS system to control my mash; it’s an absolute pleasure...

Graham With (Brewer, Parallel 49 Brewing Co) endorses BREWHA

Graham With BREWHAHi, this is Graham from Parrallel 49 Brewing. We’ve been a fan of BREWHA equipment, we tend to run pilot system brews for most of the beers we make here and the BREWHA equipment has allowed us to replicate what we do on the big scale...

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