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BREWHA BIAC Instruction Manual

BIAC instruction manualWe are delighted that you have chosen a BREWHA BIAC for your home or microbrewing system! We trust that it will bring you many fun-filled hours of brewing, and of course, many times spent enjoying the fruit of your craft with your friends and customers.

This manual is meant to provide information on installation and setup of your beer brewing equipment, and...

The best way to clean and sanitize your stainless brewing equipment

Powder Brewers Wash One of the useful features of the BREWHA BIAC is that boiling can occur inside the fermenter which makes sanitation a snap—the heat of the boil will sanitize the fermenter so there is no need to chemically sanitize the vessel. All that is needed is to clean the fermenter out well with water and a soft cloth after the beer is removed, and it is ready to go for the next batch...

How to effectively clean electric heating elements

brewing element scrub brush for cleaningCleaning beer brewing elements is not difficult, especially with the BREWHA system where an element can be easily removed from the vessel simply be removing the clamp that holds it in place. Once removed...

Countertop Beer Chiller and Dispenser Manual

Table top beer dispenser and chiller

Manual for the Countertop Beer Chiller and Dispenser (Lindr Pygmy 25 and 25K)

Detailed information on how to install the Chiller, as well as a specifications page (at the end of the manual).

Troubleshooting the March 815 pump

March 815 beer pumpIf your 815 pump is not pumping liquid, check the following things:
  1. Ensure the correct power is available to the pump (120V in North America). 
  2. When powered on, inspect the...

Colander Water Level Controller Manual

Level Sensor Controller The BREWHA Colander Water Level Sensor provides automatic control of the pump when recirculating wort during mash. If the wort level drops below the end of the probes, the pump will shut off, helping lower the risk of dry-firing the elements, and creating high pressure differential in the Colander that will lead to a stuck mash. The Sensor should be hung from the top of the Colander, and a tight connection made as the Colander provides the grounding for the sensor and will not otherwise function.

Troubleshooting the March TE-5S-MD pump

March beer pumpIf your pump is not pumping liquid, check the following things:
  1. Ensure the correct power is available to the pump (120 or 240V). The larger TE pump has an auto shut off if it is overheated. It should not get overheated under normal operation and...

Water Flow Meter Manual

Water Flow Metering manual for brew beer
This accurate and reliable Flow Meter is useful for metering the amount of water going into your brew system. It can be particularly useful when adding sparge water to add the precise amount needed to hit your pre-boil target. It is recommended to install it at a horizontal orientation and...

March 815 and March TE-7S-MD Owners Manual

march te 5s md manualThe March 815 and TE-5S-MD are American made, UL certified (CSA approved) commercial grade, high-performance pumps that will give years and years of service. Read the full product manual here.

Installing the 3-in-1 fermenter lid gasket

stainless conical lid gasketAll models of the BREWHA 3-in-1 fermenter have a silicone lid gasket for sealing the lid and providing up to 3psi of pressure for racking beer into kegs. If the lid is kept clean, the lid gasket can generally be kept in place as it can be sanitized simple by putting into position...

Assembling the Water Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulator for chilling wort Every hose and tank is designed with a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), which if exceeded, will cause damage and could even pose a safety hazard. The BREWHA tank jackets have been designed to hold up to 5psi of pressure (7psi in the MB 4-in-1s) which is more than enough pressure to...

Installing your BIAC complete all-in-one brewery

Installing the BIAC breweryIn this video we will be looking at how to setup the BREWHA® BIAC®. While today we are setting up a 5 barrel BIAC, most of the features and fittings are also found on the smaller models. The first thing to set up is the hoist. On the larger models of the BREWHA BIAC, an overhead hoist is necessary to raise the Colander, and...

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