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How to successfully open a microbrewery Part 1: 3 Dogs Brewing

How to start a microbrewery This video is about building your own microbrewery. In it, 3 Dogs Brewing Co discusses how they went about opening their own successful microbrewery in a strip mall in Metro Vancouver. They discuss their vision for the brewery, the brew equipment they purchased, how they converted a former wine shop in a strip mall into a really...

Countertop Beverage (Beer, Wine, Water etc.) Chiller and Dispenser

Countertop Beverage Water Beer Wine Chiller and Dispenser

This video describes the features and benefits of the Countertop Beverage Chiller and Dispenser, a fantastic countertop beverage chiller that can serve up to 25gal/hr (100L) of perfectly chilled beer, wine, water, or another beverage.

How to install and operate the BREWHA Keg Cleaner

Manual keg washer and cleanerThis manual keg cleaner is an economical way to manually clean kegs. The cleaner can stand alone or be set inside a BREWHA Large fermenter. Once spears are pulled, kegs can be inverted and dropped down onto the cleaner. When cleaning multiple kegs, it is simplest to...

The best way to clean and sanitize your stainless brewing equipment

Powder Brewers Wash One of the useful features of the BREWHA BIAC is that boiling can occur inside the fermenter which makes sanitation a snap—the heat of the boil will sanitize the fermenter so there is no need to chemically sanitize the vessel. All that is needed is to clean the fermenter out well with water and a soft cloth after the beer is removed, and it is ready to go for the next batch...

A Dream Come True — 3 Dogs community brewpub

Opening a microbrewery When the owners of 3 Dogs Brewing wanted to start a community microbrewery in a strip mall, they had to choose brewing equipment that met their budget and fit in their space. This video explores the fulfillment of their dream in starting a brewery and providing a fun and engaging space for the community to hang out in while drinking quality craft beer. (This is part 1 of a 2-part mini series.)

Countertop Beer Chiller and Dispenser Manual

Table top beer dispenser and chiller

Manual for the Countertop Beer Chiller and Dispenser (Lindr Pygmy 25 and 25K)

Detailed information on how to install the Chiller, as well as a specifications page (at the end of the manual).

How to add priming sugar to bottled beer for carbonation

bottle carbonatingCustomers who are bottling their beer sometimes ask how they should add priming sugar in order to carbonate the beer. There are a few ways to accomplish this.

A first method is to use...

Preventing scorched wort and burnt flavor in your beer

preventing scorched wortAfter four weeks of eager anticipation, there are few things more devastating to a brewer than discovering an unwanted microbial infection or tasting burnt/smokey notes in your latest brew. The BIAC takes you a long way towards preventing the unwanted infection, since by boiling in the fermenter it is heat sanitized. However, one needs to be careful...

Benefits of the BIAC for Restaurants and Microbreweries

Benefits of the BIAC for MicrobreweriesThe BREWHA BIAC  complete, all-in-one brewing system is an innovative, affordable, flexible, turnkey system that will grow with your business. The patented BIAC is ideally suited for nano and micro-breweries for a number of reasons—this video tells you why.

Evaluating the aroma and flavor of hop varieties

Hop aroma and flavorUnderstanding the bittering potential of hops is fairly straightforward. Understanding the aroma and flavor properties of a given variety, however, is often a lot more complex and difficult to assess. 

This is why the research project being undertaken this month by Frank Addeo (in conjunction with Yakima Valley Hops and Central Washington University) is particularly interesting...

Brewing with fresh hops all year long

Fresh frozen hopsBrewing with fresh hops has long intrigued me. It is fairly intuitive that fresh hops would have different flavors than dried hops, and being able to grow a key ingredient for your brew has a certain appeal. And, I happen to live in a great spot for it as Vancouver has a good climate for growing hops; hops can be seen in the back yards of many homes around the city wild patches can even be found growing around the city...

How to enter a beer brewing competition

Ken with BIAC(This article was submitted by Ken Noesgaard of Saskatoon, SK. He documents his experience with brewing beer in the BIAC and the steps involved in entering a brewing competition.)

I have been brewing beer since 1985 and all-grain brewing since 1999. Before deciding on my BREWHA BIAC I was mashing in a 10 gallon Gott cooler with a false bottom and boiling in a 20 gallon...

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