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How to carbonate and serve beer directly from the BREWHA 4-in-1

The BREWHA 4-in-1 fermenters are designed to withstand up to 14.9psi of pressure. This is enough pressure to fully carbonate beer, and once carbonated, it is ready to serve. The BREWHA BIAC is the only system in the world that allow you to serve your beer directly from the vessel it is made in, ensuring you are drinking the freshest, tastiest...

Programmable Brewery Touch Screen Power Controller

This video describes the BREWHA wall-mount brewery power controller's features and goes into detail on how to use the programmable touchscreen. The controller is contained in a splash-proof enclosure and comes with a powerful touch screen controller that can regulate all aspects of the brew as well as store brewing programs. 

Installing a portable fermentation temperature control unit

For most styles of beer, a chilling system is important for producing a great tasting beverage. In fact, aside from proper sanitation, temperature control is arguably the single most important criteria for brewing a fantastic product. Without temperature control...

Preventing leaks and galling in the 4-in-1 fermenter

The 4-in-1 fermenter lid is held in place with eye bolts. Eye bolts are used over standard nuts as they are easier to open with fingers—no tools are necessary. However, when higher pressure is being applied to the vessel (up to 14.9psi), a tool is likely needed to tighten the lid down so it doesn't leak. For a tighter seal, a screw driver (or other steel bar) can be used to tighten the ring by...

How to quickly transfer beer from your fermenter to a keg

While BREWHA's Fermentor to Keg Racking Hose allows a brewer to easily transfer beer to a keg in an oxygen free environment using the 'beer out' post of the keg, the 'beer out' post on most kegs is through a 1/4" tube which can restrict beer flow and be somewhat time consuming. This article describes an easy method for rapid racking of beer to a keg using a larger diameter hose. 

How to build a temperature-controlled closet or pantry

Precise temperature control during fermentation is a critical aspect of brewing high quality beer but it can be challenging to achieve, especially in warm climates where cold tap water is not available. BREWHA's Water, Beer and Wort Chiller is an excellent chiller that is perfect for regulating fermentation by running cold water through the 3-in-1 jacket. Some brewers, however, may want to regulate temperature through a cold room.

Transferring beer from your fermenter to a keg

Step by step instructions on how to transfer ('rack' or push) beer out of fermenters and into a keg.

Includes suggestions for improving sanitation, safety, and a method for kegging beer without exposing it to oxygen in the process.

How to install the Wort Aeration Stone and oxygenate wort

This video describes how to assemble the BREWHA Wort Aeration Stone on the 3-in-1 or Conical Fermenter.

It also discusses the benefits of aeration and the other equipment necessary for best oxygenation of the wort prior to fermentation.

How to resurrect yeast and keep fermentation alive

Most brewers have had the unhappy experience where fermentation is proceeding along nicely, then quite suddenly and unexpectedly stops shy of the target gravity. In a panic, the fermenter lid is cracked to look inside, and one half expects to see a nasty scum growing on the surface. But no, everything looks happy and sanitary...

Maintaining low fermentation temperatures without a fridge

Controlling temperature during fermentation is very important for best flavor and batch-to-batch consistency. Most often, home brewers have controlled fermentation temperatures by regulating the room temperature or placing their fermenter in an old fridge that can be turned on and off. While these methods work, they have several drawbacks including:

How to rack (transfer) beer from 3-in-1/4-in-1 fermenter into kegs

Learn how to easily rack beer from your fermenter into kegs without having to siphon. Easy way to transfer beer into kegs without worry of oxidation or unnecessary agitation. This video was produced while racking Saison beer produced in another video titled 'How to brew all grain beer with the BREWHA BIAC'.

Ingenious solution to alter fermentation temperature in the 3-in-1

One of our customers recently designed a clever solution for raising fermentation temperature in his 3-in-1. Fermenting in his basement, which is 56F, he needed to raise the temperature in his 3-in-1 in order to maintain his target fermentation temperature. Rather than heat his whole basement and waste energy, or use tap water (wasting water and energy), he devised a setup using a common Igloo water cooler, ETC and a...
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