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Programmable Brewery Touch Screen Power Controller

Brewery touch screen power controller This video describes the BREWHA wall-mount brewery power controller's features and goes into detail on how to use the programmable touchscreen. The controller is contained in a splash-proof enclosure and comes with a powerful touch screen controller that can regulate all aspects of the brew as well as store brewing programs. 

Preventing scorched wort and burnt flavor in your beer

preventing scorched wortAfter four weeks of eager anticipation, there are few things more devastating to a brewer than discovering an unwanted microbial infection or tasting burnt/smokey notes in your latest brew. The BIAC takes you a long way towards preventing the unwanted infection, since by boiling in the fermenter it is heat sanitized. However, one needs to be careful...

Installing your BIAC complete all-in-one brewery

Installing the BIAC breweryIn this video we will be looking at how to setup the BREWHA® BIAC®. While today we are setting up a 5 barrel BIAC, most of the features and fittings are also found on the smaller models. The first thing to set up is the hoist. On the larger models of the BREWHA BIAC, an overhead hoist is necessary to raise the Colander, and...

The BREWHA Tabletop Power Controller

240V power controller for brewing beerThe Digital Power Box is a reliable, precise, safe, portable and flexible means of controlling 230V electrical power in your home or commercial beer brewing system.
This video describes its structure and function and provides some useful tips for the safe brewing of beer.

When and how to reduce power to a 1500W element

Regulating the output of a heating element is important during mashing (preventing scorching), boiling (stopping hot break), distilling (preventing 'burping'), and even fermenting (some brewers are experimenting with using the element on very low wattage to keep fermenter warm). Reducing the power output of 5500W/240V elements is easy with the Power Control Box and now it is easy with 1500W/120V elements as well. This video shows how.

Installing the BREWHA 100% stainless heating element

5500W stainless heating element install The new Water Heating Element from BREWHA comes with the following features:
  • pre-installed and ready to use; no wiring, heat-shrinking, sealing threads or drilling required

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How to avoid a stuck mash and dry-firing the heating element

Dry-fired element

Melting a heating element by dry-firing is not a pleasant experience, not to mention it could ruin a batch, so here are a few suggestions on how to avoid this in the BIAC 3-in-1 (also applies to other vessels that use the heating element).

In the BIAC, wort from the Mash Colander drains into the 3-in-1, and the Chugger pump pulls this wort out the bottom of the 3-in-1 and returns it...

Operating the 240V/30amp Brewing Power Controller

240V Digital Power Box The 240V Brewing Power Controller (BPC) is designed to give safe and easy access to 240V/30amp power in the home. Without it, one would either have to use 120V power or plug a heating element directly into a 240V socket. Using 120V power (like is found in standard wall sockets) only delivers about 1500W power, and would take a very long time to heat water. On the other hand...
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