Short course on opening a microbrewery/brewpub and a BIAC brewing session

Learn how to install and operate your own successful BIAC craft brewery/brewpub by spending a fun and enjoyable day brewing with one of our successful commercial brewery owners. 

Our customers are a wealth of information and have graciously opened up their brewery/brewpubs to give you confidence in setting up your own brewery by answering your questions and giving experienced and informative insights on everything from choosing a site, fixing up a space, getting permitting, to decorating, brewing and serving fantastic beer.

The brew session is limited to 2 people. A second part day (1-2 hours) for planning the brew or discussing it after is also included.

The price is US$750 (CA$1000) payable directly to the brewery when you arrive. BREWHA will refund you 50% of the brewing fee on the purchase of a commercial system (1.5BBL or larger). 

This list is currently expanding so there may be someone in your area (contact us at for recent additions). 

British Columbia

   Scott Keddy, 3 Dogs Brewery, White Rock, BC


   Video: 3 Dogs Brewery

scott at 3 dogs
 New Jersey

  Joshua Lockman and Greg Fletcher, Axe and Arrow Brewery, Glassboro, NJ


(Opening soon)
New York

   Scott DeLap, Next Chapter Brewpub, Auburn, NY


Next chapter brew pub
North Dakota

   Nick Hill and John Paul, Pixeled Brewing Co, Fargo, ND


Nick microbrewerey session