BIAC profiles for Beersmith

Beersmith is a very useful tool for easily creating well-designed recipes. It also keeps accurate records of brew days for best repetition and learning. 

Here are the equipment and mash profiles for use with the BREWHA BIAC.

Download BREWHA BIAC equipment profiles here
Download BREWHA BIAC mash profiles here

To import these into the Beersmith program follow these steps:

  1. Download the above file to your desktop
  2. In Beersmith, select 'File' then 'Open File' and select the profile you downloaded to your desktop
  3. A new screen will open showing the profiles
  4. Select the profiles and copy them
  5. Open the 'My Recipes' folder of Beersmith and select the Profiles section (often found in the menu column on the left side of the screen). Select Mash or Equipment Profile folder and the available profiles will be listed.
  6. While the profile is selected, paste the downloaded/copied file into the correct profile list.

(Profiles can also be added in the desktop version of Beersmith but selecting 'View' and 'Add-ons' in the lower toolbar. Then click 'Add' and select the BREWHA profiles. Then click 'Install Add-on' and the profiles will be added to the program.)

A few minor tweaking may be necessary to get the program to work best for your specific needs. For example, if you are step mashing, you may want to change the mash profile setting beside saccharification to 'temperature' instead of 'infusion'. For single step mashing, it is best to select 'infusion' as the program will then compensate for cooling caused by addition of room temperature grain. Likewise, if your grain comes from the fridge (or freezer), adjust the setting for temperature of the grain. 

We have included what we think are average profiles in the files above. The brewer can adjust as they find necessary. Beersmith has a number of videos and info online to help you learn how to tailor the program to your specific needs. For more information about Beersmith or to see FAQs, consult the Beersmith website.