Programming the Electronic Temperature Controller (ETC)

(Note: As of Jan, 2015, BREWHA is selling the BREWHA ETC in place of the Ranco. For programming instructions for the BREWHA ETC, please click here.)

The BREWHA Electronic Temperature Controller or 'ETC' is a very useful tool in regulating mash and fermentation temperatures. Once the controller is programmed, the brewer can confidently know that one of the most important aspect of mashing and fermentation (regulating temperature) is conscientiously and precisely taken care of.

By plugging the Temperature Control Valve ('TCV') or the 120V contactor plug from the Power Box into the ETC, it can reduce temperature by opening the TCV and letting cold water into the jacket (most commonly used during fermentation), or raise temperature by turning the heating element on (most commonly used during mashing). (On the Small BIAC, the 1500W element plugs directly into the ETC as there is no Power Box used.)

Here are the simple steps to program the controller.

1. The default reading on the ETC is for the current temperature that its temperature probe is reading (55°F).To change settings on the ETC, press the 'SET' button. 
2. Press the 'SET' button one time to choose between Celsius ('C') or Fahrenheit ('F'). Push the up or down arrow one time to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. As seen in Step 4, the ETC can control to within one degree of setpoint, so Fahrenheit will give more precision than Celsius since there are approximately two degrees Fahrenheit in each degree Celsius. 
3. Press the 'SET' button a second time  to program the target temperature. Press the up or down arrow to move the target temperature up and down. In this example, we have target temperature set to 40°F as we want to cool the fermenter.
4. Press the 'SET' button a third time to program how many degrees of difference from target temperature to allow before the ETC turns on. In most brewing situations, 1° is desired as this keeps the temperature most consistent. When set to 1°, the ETC will only allow the temperature to rise or fall by 1° before turning on and off. So if the target temperature is 40°F during chilling, when the temperature rises to 41°F the ETC will turn the TCV or chiller on to bring the temperature back down to 40°F.
5. Press the 'SET' button again to tell the controller whether it should be heating or cooling. Press the up or down arrow to 'H1' for heating (e.g. turning on as the temperature drops to bring the temperature back up) or to 'C1' for cooling (e.g. turning on as the temperature rises to bring the temperature back down). During mashing 'H1' is most typically used, and during fermentation (at least for ales) 'C1' is most typically used.


6. Press the 'SET' button one more time to return to the display showing the current temperature (55°F).