Homebrewing Workshop: Learn to Brew Beer with a BREWHA Home Brewer

Learn how to install and operate your BREWHA BIAC homebrewery by spending a day brewing with one of our accomplished BIAC brewers. These workshop instructors are customers of BREWHA who have brewed many batches of beer and are a wealth of information on everything from setting up a brewery in your garage or home, to brewing different styles of beer, to storing and serving your beer. 

A day spent with these advocates will be enjoyable and address many of your questions and give you confidence in starting to brew your own delicious craft beer at home. 

The cost is US$300 per brew session payable in cash directly to the brewer upon arrival. Maximum of 2 people/session. (BREWHA will provide a US$150 rebate on the purchase of your BREWHA system.)

  British Columbia
   Brew with BREWHA on our 1.5BBL system at the shop in Victoria, BC. (Courses to resume once our brewpub is operational in 2023).


Contact: BREWHA Equipment Co

BREWHA factory Victoria
   Keith Dehne, La Mesa, CA

"I have brewed over eighty 10 gallon batches in the last 4-years w/my Large HB BIAC. Every one of them has produced an excellent beer. I have the typical brew day down to 5 1/2 hours, brewing by myself, start to finish, maybe 6-hours if it's 90 degrees outside. The BIAC is very predictable and has give me consistent results every time."

Contact: (Currently moving)

Keith with his BIAC complete homebrewery
   Jim Mooney, Clovis, CA

"I have been brewing for about 7 years and have made around 80 beers. In the last year I have had the opportunity to share some of my beers at public events and the response has been very positive. I just love my Brewha system because it makes the brew day so easy compared to my old 3 vessel propane setup. I brew every 4-6 weeks and am happy to share my experience with others. I always have a few beers on tap so stop by and check it out."

Contact: jsmoon888@yahoo.com

New Mexico
   Kent Anderson, Sandia Park, NM

I’ve been brewing with the BIAC since June 2015 and now have over 50 batches through the system. The learning curve for this system was very short and I’ve been able to nail consistent brews with this well-designed and easy to use equipment. Nathan obviously put a lot of thought into design of the BIAC and the kit comes with everything you need to start brewing immediately. However, as with any new equipment, there are some tips and tricks to get the most out of the system - fermentation control, wort chilling, recirculation techniques, cleaning, etc. I look forward to sharing experiences with other BIAC brewers to pass along what I’ve learn and to see how other users overcome issues and push their systems to obtain their best beers.

Contact: kent@solsticebrewingnm.com

Kent with his all in one brewing system
   Gary Read, Beaverton, OR

I've been brewing on my small brewha system for 3 years. I've brewed kolsch lager, marzen, oatmeal milk chocolate stout, and vanilla porter. The chiller unit has proved very valuable in being able to brew all styles in any weather here in Northwest.

Contact: holdemstudent@yahoo.com

learn to brew beer at home with Gary
   Matt Sager, Washington, PA

My friend, Jeff, and I would be glad to brew with interested brewers from our region. Mondays or Wednesdays are good days to brew and we like to start around 10:00 AM. We have recently brewed an amazing NEIPA and an incredible Black IPA in addition to a very solid Hefe-Weisse. The Great Dane and Swiss Mountain Dog love hanging out with me on brew day. And my wife, who specializes in wines at our restaurant, is thoroughly impressed with the exceptional quality of beers we are producing. In my 10 years of offering import and craft beers from around the world in our tavern, I have tasted a lot of high end beers and the Brewha BIAC has produced some of the better beers I’ve ever tasted.

Contact: rusticitalian@palazzo1837.com

learn to brew with Matt in Pennsylania
   Bill Whale, Philadelphia, PA

I have been brewing beers for 8 years. I began brewing extract recipes and bottling. In 2020, I upgraded to brewing all-grain recipes with two small BIAC systems (8 gallon) and kegging the final product. Over the years, I have brewed everything from lagers to IPAs to stouts. Recently, I have been having fun brewing sour & funky beers. Check out my recent posts and recipes on Instagram: @brewingwithbill. I am a big fan of the BIAC system. Brewha equipment makes the brewing process as efficient as possible, saving the brewer time and space. I would be happy to show you how to brew with the BIAC system if you are in the area.

Contact: billwhale6@gmail.com

Bill Whale brewing with BREWHA
   Brandon Bozon, Belton, TX

Our brew club is named Carl's Garage. We are located in Belton Texas (an hour north of Austin, two hours south of Dallas). We brew on two Large BREWHA BIAC homebrew systems. We purchased our first system in April of 2016. We have repeatedly brewed ten different recipes that we have developed along with a handful of other recipes we found online when we started out. In total, we have brewed on our BIACs over sixty times. We have become pretty efficient in our brew process, so brew nights are now as much about socializing as brewing. We enjoy hosting new and old friends. We entered the AHA homebrew competition in 2017 and 2018. In total, we were awarded one gold, six silver and one bronze certificate on nine entries. This summer, we brewed our favorite recipe, White IPA, at a local brewpub, Bold Republic in Belton Texas, on their equipment. The taste and aroma were identical to the product we generate using our Brewha BIAC. We received rave reviews and the beer sold out quickly. 

Contact: brandon.bozon@gmail.com

learn to brew beer with Brandon and his brew club
   Ron Swena, Chehalis, WA

I built a three vessel Electric All Grain Brew system from the ground up and loved it didn't think there was much that could be improved, then I stumbled across the Brewha system and was very intrigued. Nathan help me to get into contact with someone that had already been using the system, that was very helpful in making my decision I was amazed. I purchased the large microbrewery 4in1 setup, I never would have thought Brewing would be so easy and simple I love the BIAC system. It has cut my brew days almost in half and it is so simple mash, boil, ferment all with precise temperature control, carbonate and cold condition all in one vessel. I would love the opportunity to show someone the ins-and-outs of the BIAC brew system.

   Contact: rhardwoods5311@gmail.com

learn to brew beer with ron
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ps. please note our new address is brewing@brewha.com

BREWHA Equipment Co

Hi Sean — if you are in Victoria you can contact us directly at brewing@brewha.co

BREWHA Equipment Co

Many one offering one of these in Victoria BC?


Hi Maximo, we are offering the homebrew course through the locations listed above.

BREWHA Equipment Co

Are class instructions available in the Boston area.


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