Benefits of the BIAC for Restaurants and Microbreweries

The BREWHA BIAC complete, All-In-One brewing system is an innovative, affordable, flexible, turnkey system that will grow with your business. The patented BREWHA® BIAC® is ideally suited for home, nano and micro-breweries for a number of reasons that include:

    1. Smallest footprint of any brewing system (use existing space)
    2. Quick to setup (multipurpose existing space)
    3. Easy to clean (low labor cost)
    4. Low capital outlay (100% ROI under 6 months on $50k investment)
    5. Easily scaled (add additional fermenters when needed)
    6. Provides perfect, easy to achieve, chemical-free sanitation (avoids the primary culprit of bad beer—microbial infection from poorly sanitized fermenters) 

Let’s look at the BIACs benefits in a bit more detail. First, it has the smallest footprint as all the brewing from heating water, through mashing, boiling, fermentation and even conditioning, carbonating and serving can occur right here in the space of this vessel.

Second, it is quick to setup as it has much less piping and support apparatus than is necessary for a traditional four-vessel system.

Third, it is super easy to clean. On brew day, by tipping the Mash Colander with the overhead hoist, the grain can be easily dumped into a cart to be taken away, and the Mash Colander can then be rinsed out. That’s it. Less than 15 minutes total. And after the beer is out, the 4-in-1 fermenter only needs to be wiped and washed down on the inside to remove krausen that is stuck to the sides and yeast that has settled on the elements and in the lower ports. It is easy to get at the lower ports—just remove the elements and valves, wash them off and reinsert. Approximately only 30 minutes start to finish.

Fourth, although the BIAC offers the full control of a traditional setup and is made of highest quality parts that will give you years and years of service, it costs less because it has less equipment. And having less equipment not only means the initial capital outlay is lower, but it has reduced cleaning and operating costs and maintenance costs are also lower.

Fifth, the BIAC is easily scaled to give you as much production capacity as you need. You don’t need to buy multiple BIACs to scale up. The one BIAC can be scaled up simply by purchasing additional 4-in-1 fermenters. 

And sixth, the BIAC delivers the best tasting beer, because it is the easiest to perfectly sanitize, without any extra effort. This is possible, because the 4-in-1 fermenter is sanitized by the heat of the boil. Conventional fermenters need chemical sanitizers that are not only costly, but take up valuable time to implement, and can, if not rinsed properly, contaminate the beer leaving an inferior product. Add to this the fact that chemical sanitizers only sanitize the surface so if not perfectly cleaned, the chemicals are not effective. You never need to worry about that with the 4-in-1, as heat from the boil passes right through. And with the fermenter able to be pressurized, you can condition, carbonate, and connect it directly to your taps, helping ensure that sanitation is never compromised by dirty pumps, transfer hoses, brite tanks or kegs. With the beverage remaining in the same vessel from start to finish, it provides the most sanitary conditions possible, guaranteeing the freshest, tastiest beer.

All of these benefits, plus its ease of operation, make the BIAC an excellent choice for your brewery, small or large.

For more details, check out the BIAC product page on the BREWHA website.

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