A good general resource for learning how to brew beer

There is a wealth of brewing information on the web and it is growing every day. Arguably one of the best resource continues to be the classic by John Palmer. This book is an excellent resource for new brewers and seasoned veterans as well. While the BIAC brewing method was developed after the book was published, the principles of brewing are clearly and systematically laid out and directly applicable to the BIAC. 

In his book he discusses foundational material such as proper cleaning, how to mash grain, and describing best fermentation techniques, as well as covering more advanced subjects such as water profiles, types of malt, yeast strains, and advanced mashing techniques for those who want to take their understanding (and brewing) to the next level. It is a useful resource to have on hand for last minute referencing (I have referred to it on many brew days) as well as just being an enjoyable and informative read. There is information on the BREWHA website regarding brewing techniques as well as other information relevant to BREWHA equipment, but for more in depth and concise information I enthusiastically recommend this book. In my opinion it is a must read for any brewer and particularly recommended for any new brewer before their first brew day. It will immensely increase your understanding and therefore enjoyment of the entire process.

An older version of his book can be downloaded for free on his website and his new editions can be purchased at most brewing shops or online.  

(About the picture below: John Palmer being introduced to the BREWHA BIAC at a recent trade show.)

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